The UK’s Official Tournament Scene

When the Wizkids update mail landed in my inbox last year to announce the Wizkids Open I got as giddy as my kids on Christmas morning.

I rushed to the Wizkids Event system for more info – as instructed in e-mail – and eagerly expanding each section of the info page in excitement to read over the details. There was going be Regional Championships; rooms full to the brim of fellow Dice Masters all set to play for hours on end –  with some curious new cards in the prize pool to boot. And, to top it all off; side events with the hallowed Iron Fist as participation prizes. (These are tough to find anywhere, but in the UK you’ve more chance of meeting a Royal Family member than getting your hands on an Iron Fist card) “this is going to be awesome” I thought, hours of non-stop, facilitated Dice Masters gaming. I was smiling like I’d got an unexpected tax rebate – buzzing news. I got all enthused & full of energy…

…until I reached the bottom of the page and discovered:

No UK events

No participating stores in the UK!

I could have cried, but I need not have worried, there were people on the case. Just before Christmas Esdevium Games shared on the UK Dice Masters Players page that they were going to be holding regional events between August – December:

Wizkids European Tournament Schedule 2016
Esdevium European Tournament Schedule 2016 Announcement 

Tremendous news!

I was delighted, although I’ll readily admit that the first thing that caught my eye was the timetable – August was a whole 9 months away at the time of reading – how could I wait 9 months!?!?! But then I became super-pumped when I fully absorbed some of the other text “…players across the world [will] have the same opportunity to win the same great prizing” (I may just yet get my hands on the Iron Fist I so covet!) “For those of you disappointed by the switch to the world format, fear not. There are plans to host Nationals across Europe between May and July with more details to be announced at a later date.” it stated right at the bottom. (Teach me to skim read!)

And that very announcement came last week – an Open Constructed Dice Masters Qualifier has been scheduled to take place in June at the UK Games Expo. Hurrah!

UKGE Dice Masters Open Qualifier
Event Link on UKGE Website


I’ve not yet had an opportunity to go to a UK Games Expo before now – that first week of June is around the time of the Summer Half-Term school break and we often go on a family holiday around then – but the fates have aligned and I’m free that day – so annual leave has been booked, ticket bought, and travel arrangements made.

A good gaming buddy of mine tells me the events at the UKGE are extraordinary fun and it’ll be great to finally meet some of the UK based regulars from The Reserve Pool and UK Facebook page who are going.

It looks and feels like the UK tournament scene is going to have a big year in 2016, and I’m all over it! While the UK scene may only be small in comparison to others presently getting some great events and clearly intended support from Wizkids through Esdevium is going to only make it easier to attract some attention and draw in some new players. The UK can then do it’s part to, as quoted on the TRP Podcast this week, make Dice Masters as big as Heroclix.

In the meantime – I’ve got a few casual events through March & April I’m hoping to get to as a ‘tide me over’ until June arrives for the UKGE and then on to as many regionals as I can reasonably get to through August – December. I can’t wait.

Now I’ve got to put some thought into my team for June…



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