Last Minute Team Change for Tonight’s event!

I need to leave for tonight’s Starter/Common/Uncommon Constructed event in just a few moments and I’ve had a last minute fit of madness.

After all of yesterday’s deliberations and thought through team building (which I blogged out here ) I’ve changed 50% of the team just now and am doubting my own sanity!

I’ve decided to, for the totally random joy of it, go Action crazy and throw all caution to the wind.

Last Minute Build
The Minion isn’t part of the team – he’s just helping for fun!

So – I’ve not thrown all caution to the wind. There’s still a bit of a mind at work behind it all: albeit an indecisive loon who has List commitment issues.

‘Millennium Puzzle’s’ made the cut and has replaced ‘Hulk’. ‘Human Paladin’ & ‘Captain America’ have been replaced by the ‘Wondergirl’/’Ring of Magnetism’ combo. With everything all a bit cheaper now I’ve binned ‘PXG’ in favour of ‘Lex Luthor – Former President’ to go for speeding up my BACs.

I’m having a bad case of self-doubt, about both builds, but the clock has run me out and I’m due out the door any minute…

…whichever way it goes I’m going to enjoy myself immensely!


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