Gearing Up with Customised Accessories 

With the official tournament schedule kicking off over here in June I’ve set my mind to getting fully geared up with a swanky set of customised accessories.

Why? Because I love, LOVE, customising my stuff.

My love of customisation began as a child. I was obsessed with picking up button badges, stickers & patches from wherever I’d go to add to my coats, hats, scarves, and bags to show the world a little something of who I am and, most importantly, what I’m into. I was a child of the eighties after all – it was all the rage. I have continued to customise & accessorise well into my later years and to this day still collect badges, buy obscure custom print t-shirts, and regularly change the ringtone/wallpaper/case/screensaver etc on my electronic stuff.

Dice Masters has not escaped from this compulsive behaviour, and I’m considering going into over-drive for the Tournament season.

Handily there are quite a few cool options for a custom set up with Dice Masters.

The first and most obvious option I’ve already got done: my playmat.

Custom Mat
I can’t be the “True Mister Six” without a “Mister Six” playmat… can I?

It’s already achieved it’s goal – when it hit the table for the first time at an event at one of my fave FLGS’s the wolf whistles & compliments made me feel the business. I loved letting people know who the character was and see the penny drop as they made the connection to my often used online alias. (Almost everything is “True Mister Six” – including my Username on the Wizkids Event System & The Reserve Pool)

If anyone’s interested: the design is a Custom request through Etsy and is the fine work of Mark Gardner at DiceMastersMats. (Found HERE) I got the mat printed through Patriot Games up in Sheffield. (Found HERE)

Etsy is a great place to explore for custom swag and I’ve other potential options.

The Dice Bag is the next on the wish list currently under consideration for a custom job. At present I am using an official Wizkids Uncanny X-Men bag.

UXM Dice Bag

It suits well enough, but my Etsy browsing has discovered a number of services that will print your own image to order. I’ve been mulling it over for a little while and have been deliberating what my custom image could be. My favourite Mister Six image (the one in my profile thumbnail everywhere and the centrepiece of the mat – taken from a page in vol 7 of The Invisibles graphic novel) is most definitely under consideration, although I am wondering if this is going to be a wasted opportunity & perhaps a little overkill. I asked a few guys at the event last Tuesday if it was a bit tacky to have a matching dice bag & mat, to which they replied “Yes, but that’s the point, let your inner nerd out”.

I’m thinking a re-read of some of my other Graphic Novel loves might be in order to seek out interesting images for the Dice Bag project. (In order of preference: Transmetropolitan, The Preacher, Planetary, and anything illustrated by Frank Quietely)


Another opportunity to enhance my set-up  (although a little trickier to fully personalise) is something for my dice rolling. There’s a couple of options here, most notably a Dice Tower or a Dice Tray.

I’m not too keen on Dice Towers. I’ve nothing against them in principle, but it’s not for me, something about them puts me off. I want the shake for myself I suppose. (Insert childish”strong wrists” related innuendo here)

So a Dice tray it will be.

There’s a number knocking around. My window shopping across the Internet has shown me that there are a few available for purchase, but custom design options are limited and fully personalised decoration is probably not going to be a thing. I’ve seen some lovely wooden builds with felt bottoms that are reasonably sized and have a number of changeable options in the wood type and felt colour. A handful of providers can also do laser etchings on the wood and stencil work on the felt, but what’s doable is limited and will be simple. More thought is required…

Dice Tray

Last, but by no means least, I’m looking for a very specific item: a hard back mount/tray for my playmat, with a lip around the rim.

What do want that for? So that when the shuffle round happens between rounds I can just lift the tray, with dice and cards, and effortlessly shift myself to the new table. (Hopefully the top table one day!)

I’m yet to find such an item in my cursory online research that’s made in or ships to the UK. In fact – the one & only place I’ve found it is on Etsy in a store called Troll Manufacturing. (click on the linked image to take a look for anyone reading in the US) He seems to be making exactly what I want but he does not ship to fine Britannia. (But he will ship to Germany. What’s Germany got shipping wise we haven’t over here I ask you!?!) In fact – it looks like he does lots of cool options in wooden accessories.

Movement Tray on Etsy

I’m going to keep hunting, but this may well be a special order somewhere. I made an enquiry with my TO at a FLGS I frequent knowing they have a lot of tabletop model games and may have a connection with someone who makes scenery that may diversify. He suggested these guys: Bendy Boards. I’ve dropped them a mail, however they’re closed for a while leading up to an Expo so will await a response.

In the meantime; I will keep an eye out for other cool ideas for customising my Dice Masters experience.

Any suggestions readers? What kind of custom jobs do you have for playing Dice Masters?

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