Building Around The Nefarious Geneticist – Part Two

So, after getting a bit lost in my team build (as I describe for you in the PART ONE post) I put the team build out there on the Dice Masters Sub-Reddit & the UK Dice Masters Players Facebook page and sought some advice on finishing the build.

There was some interesting suggestions that came in. Outside of the standard “Swap your common ‘Lyssa’ for the uncommon one” and “The uncommon ‘Toad’ could be more fun” type of response I found some to be quite interesting. Here are three of the more curious pieces of guidance:

  • Go all Villain. To address my ramp concerns and to help focus the team it was suggested on Reddit that I take ‘Gamora’ out and make all my characters Villain affiliation. This would make BACs like ‘The Outsider’ and/or ‘Villainous Pact’ help with ramp and add some value;

Villain Symbols 2

  • ‘Polymorph’ is a risk.  There was some discussion on Facebook about whether ‘Polymorph’ is a risk as a BAC and could be used against me. I had chose the card for the Global to keep my ‘Toad’ and ‘Beast’ spun down to their burst face, but there was some opinion that it would be handing my opponent an interesting BAC to capitalise on;
  • The best offense is a good defense. The ‘Lyssa’/’Ultron Drone’ combo was surplus to requirements – the suggestion was to load up fully on defensive Villains who would fill my opponent with regret. The cornerstone of this strategy would be to change out my ‘Toad’ to his uncommon version and force all of his dice to attack. ‘Black Manta – David’ ,’Jocasta – Patterned After Janet’, ‘Beast – Nefarious Geneticist’, ‘Venom – Mac Gargan’ and ‘Doctor Doom – Reed Richards Rival’ (in synergy with ‘Toad’ 2 damage on his burst) would all be solid additions to make my defense an offense.

Jocasta Patterned After Janet

Going all Villain was an attractive idea to me so I have indeed taken out ‘Gamora’. I’ve never used my SR ‘Jocasta’ so adding her was also appealing, if for no other reason than the original intent for this team was to use cards I’d never used before (specifically ‘Beast – Nefarious Geneticist’). The’Doctor Doom’ idea seemed pretty cool too, pretty much ensuring anything below a defense of 3 was getting cleared when my ‘Toad’ taunts. I’m a little nervous about taking ‘Gamora’ as she was my spot removal option, but between the defensive stats of my team and some ‘The Outsider’ global boost I’m hoping to take care of most that comes my way.

I’m still divided on ‘Polymorph’. With the addition of ‘Venom’ & ‘Doctor Doom’ I’m still feeling low on ramp even with ‘The Outsider’ as my second choice –  I would like to have enough to cover both Dice purchases and have some Fist energy hanging around for ‘The Outsider’ global. I think I’m going to try out both and see how they play before I finally decide.

So – here it is – the final build – click the link in the image to go to the Team on

Nefarious Geneticist Build

My thanks to everyone who offered up some advice: PK 2317, KenoftheDead666, Jake, Jordan, Andy & Keiran – tremendous community spirit guys – cheers!

On a side note – I’m thinking this team will be in for a change when ‘World’s Finest’ comes out – the Uncommon ‘Bane – Venom Enhanced’ appears to be a very strong candidate for this team. You can find him in the screen caps of the Dice Tower review on The Reserve Pool HERE.

Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on the team. I’m going to see if I can line up someone to test this against soon, if not it will be at my next standing casual night (which might be a couple of week’s away – we’ll potentially be drafting ‘Faerun Under Seige’ next get together) I’ll let you all know…


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