World’s Finest is on its Way!

I am so excited for the impending arrival of the ‘World’s Finest’ expansion.

Dice Masters World's Finest

What’s got me so excited? Well, I’m a HUGE DC Comics fan, and especially Batman. when I was younger I loved, LOVED Batman (and still do). For a couple of years in the late 80’s/early 90’s I was completely addicted by the Tim Burton movies, the Animated Series (I’d totally fanboy squeeee over some Bruce Timm artwork on a Dice Masters card) and the comic books.

Batman Animated Series

*As a curious side note – when I grew up and got my first ever place of my own (I was around 22 at the time) my Mother handed off boxes of my stuff that she had been accumulating in the attic at their house for years. In amongst these treasures was a box full of early to mid 90s comics, including all the Batman issues. I re-read the entire box, utterly mesmerised as if I was a 12 year old once again, but I was struck by the maturity & darkness of Batman titles at that time. How the hell did I get that stuff when I was 11/12?

Knightfall Cover

So, I specifically can’t wait to get my hands on the Bat-family cards. But there’s also some really interesting stuff besides that’s caught my eye in the spoilers (found on “The Reserve Pool” HERE, HERE, and HERE)

Here’s a handful of thoughts from some of the stuff that’s got the cogs a turning:

Bane – Venom Enhanced. I love Villain builds. I’ve been playing around with a defensive villain team (blogged about HERE and HERE) and have a ‘Retaliation’ build I have a lot of fun with. (HERE it is on the DB for those interested) it looks like there are some really interesting Dudes who are going to add some real variety to Villain list builds and I’m already seriously considering ‘Bane – Venom Enhanced’ for the aforementioned defensive build (who, btw, has such a great text thematically to how he entered the Batman mythology in “Knightfall”);

Bane - Venom Enhanced

Superwoman – Lois Lane. Speaking of interesting Villains; I’ve had in the back of my mind for sometime to try my hand at a bolt based build and ‘Superwoman – Lois Lane’ is the catalyst for me to finally do it. A villain-centric burn team built around my Retaliation core (‘Black Manta – Deep Sea Deviant’ and ‘Cheetah – Cursed Archeologist’) with a ‘Lantern Ring – Limited Only By Imagination’ and ‘Superwoman – Lois Lane’ has some significant burn potential; especially with a PXG to really ramp up for ‘Superwoman’s’ global. Or maybe ‘Fatality – Bounty Hunter’ with a BEWD. Clearly she’s got me thinking…

Superwoman Lois Lane

Kal-El – From Another Earth. This guy is a total powerhouse who brings a new twist to an older mechanic. With his game text & global you have the potential to be attacking for 12 with a single character. I’m thinking about the potential of a ‘Silver Sable – Hero for Hire’ team-up (she is, after all, on the rebound from a passionate affair with a nerfed ‘Vulture’) to make that fat attack unblock-able. It’s a bit more costly, but I think they may have some prospects together…

Kal El From Another Earth

Ultraman – World Conqueror. I’m not sure how competitive this card will be, but teamed up with some ‘Kryptonite – Green Death’ and the ‘Trusted Friend’ BAC I think there might be some fun to be had. We’ll soon see, but I’ve also got my fingers crossed there might be some more Crime Syndicate cards that will play well with their leader. Removing gametext, KO’ing a character of your choice, and some cheeky ping damage in a turn seems quite appealing to me…

Ultraman World Conqueror

Bizarro – Gentle. He’s expensive, but the prevalence of cards like ‘Human Paladin’, ‘Mera’, and ‘Wasp’ make me wonder if he’s going to have a notable impact on the meta somehow. There may well be someone with a deeper grasp to team building who is going to figure that one out, but at the very least his Global hate gave me pause for thought when I read the card. Maybe pairing him up with a ‘Doctor Doom – Reed Richard’s Rival’ or a ‘Manticore – Greater Beast’ or something…

Bizarro Gentle.png

So – there we are for now. Some initial thoughts from my casual perusal of the spoilers. It’s my firm belief that there is some real meta-impacting potential in the constructed environment as well as the in-set tribalism that is going to produce some new mechanics to have a play around with. Positive, encouraging times for the game!

A big shout out to Wizkids, The Reserve Pool and DiceTower for their great preview work.

What do you think? Anything I’ve not clocked? Like my suggestions? Let me know in the comments below…


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