Team Build – Adding ‘World’s Finest’ cards to an Old Build…

So… I’ve been reading over my new ‘World’s Finest’ cards and looking for some opportunities to give my old Justice League Retaliation build some new punch.

You can find the old build HERE. It was always a fun team to play, but it lacked a solid win-con to close the deal. The way it ran was pretty simple – use ‘Big Entrance’ and ‘Aquaman – Arthur Curry’ to make ‘Zatanna – Zatanna Zatara’ a 1 cost Justice League character then repeatedly KO with ‘BEWD’ and re-field her for some ramp & capitalise on ‘Batman – World’s Greatest Detective’ game text.

Photo 29-03-2016, 00 00 17


There are a couple of cards in ‘World’s Finest’ that have the kind of killer instinct I’ve been looking for to give the team some more oomph; and one such card that has caught my eye is ‘Dick Grayson – Brand New Bat’. He’s perfect to get some battle damage through for a team that is built around KO’ing my own characters, especially when he comes with the built in ability to provide the very affiliation synergy needed to make the most of his funky move. In a recent Reserve Pool review they described him as the “Bat-Bomb” – that’s just the kind of extra force the team needs to give it some edge.


So – the win con strategy is as follows – buy & KO ‘Zatanna’ as per the previous strategy, but now give her the ‘Bat-Family’ affiliation with the ‘Dick Grayson’ global and get him all pissed off & boosted to hurt my opponent whether blocked or not. Feels pretty potent to me. His purchase & field costs are a little concerning, but between ‘Zatanna’ prepping, ‘BEWD’ global and ‘Big Entrance’ I’m hoping to have enough ramp that his purchase cost is at least well covered.

As always; I’m going to need some removal, and if I’m going to be KO’ing my own guys then I’ve got just the thing for a bit of spot removal if I want it:’Solomon Grundy – Born on a Sunday’. I’ve not used this guy before but he has great synergy with a BEWD related strategy. There’s definitely a few guys in my local meta to be on the lookout for – it’s not unusual to need to ping away a ‘Falcon – Recon’, ‘Hulk – Green Goliath’ or a ‘Punisher – Big Nothing’. It’s not ideal – a KO gives my opponent a prepped die for ramp or the character back next turn – but it’s still strategy limiting for them and keeps the pressure up. Plus – I could always give ‘Solomon Grundy’ the ‘Bat-Family’ affiliation and get ‘Grayson’ all pissed off & pumped again…


I want to make my opponent’s ability to use my BEWD a bit trickier and potentially restrict their own global use (‘Distraction’ is a huge problem for the “Bat-Bomb” strategy). As one of the aim’s of this build is to experiment with some new ‘World’s Finest’ cards I’m going for  ‘Oracle – Master Investigator’. While she may not have the same punch as ‘Jinzo – Trap Destroyer’ or ‘Wasp – Founding Avenger’ with the direct damage it is my hope that the additional energy cost proves even more prohibitive in the grand scheme of things. Play your own strategy or save up to stop mine – the choice is yours. In addition; she comes at a reasonable cost and has some decent defensive stats. We’ll see how she pans out.


The final spot on the team is going to be filled by ‘Catwoman – Acrobat’. She helps me meet 2 of my objectives with the team build: she is a new ‘World’s Finest’ for me to experiment with and she provides some of the aforementioned oomph to the team. The team has a slow set up and a bit of an early go to could prove useful if I need to get some punches in of my own sooner rather than later.She may also be just the thing for a plan B if ‘Oracle’ doesn’t prove to be enough of a deterrent for ‘Distraction’ as her game-text will still take effect before the global phase in the attack step.

For the finishing touch I have filled the second BAC slot with ‘Ready to Rocket’. I’m always a bit twitchy about BACs because in my meta my opponent’s just love to buy up your BACs and use them against you, so I’ve gone clean and simple and decided to go for an option to potentially pump my “Bat-Bomb” a bit further. It’s not a enormous panic if my opponent get their hand on it and it doesn’t come with any tricky globals I’m going to regret.

Here’s the team in full on the DiceMastersDB (Click the pic for the link):

Murder Zatanna V2

I’m going to play the team at my regular fortnightly get together and see how it goes.

How about you guys – have you started integrating any ‘World’s Finest’ characters into your favourite builds?


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