TMNT Spoilers…

The Dicetower has done a video review of the TMNT box set and PK2317 over at The Reserve Pool has screen shot all the cards HERE.

TMNT Dice Masters

As usual – I’ve been scanning through the screenshots looking for inspiration and ideas as to how these cards may make some interesting new additions to the existing builds I like to play, as well as see if there’s anything interesting for some new builds.

I must admit to being a little underwhelmed by the set overall. the four main Turtles have failed to excite me and my all-time favourite TMNT character: ‘Shredder’, feels too unimpressive for the fanboy in me. I get it – there is an entry-level-ness to the synergies that clearly evidence that it is meant as a beginners’s set to teach some basic mechanics to new or younger players.

That said; there are definitely some cards that have caught my eye…

Foot Ninja – Shredder’s Army

Foot Ninja Swarm

A 2 cost bolt villain with ‘Swarm’? Yes Please. This card is beautiful in it’s simplicity. I was thinking about a Villain-centric ‘Lantern Ring – Limited Only by Imagination’ team since ‘Superwoman’ arrived in the’World’s Finest’ set but now I’m definitely going to put one together with these guys on the scene.

They could also be handy in a ‘Retaliation’ build – what better game text is there on a ‘Nasty Boy’ targeted character than ‘Swarm’? Even with ‘The Outsider’ and ‘Villainous Pact’ I find the ramp up on my Villain ‘Retaliation’ build a bit slow (I rarely field the aforementioned ‘Mr Sinister – Nasty Boy, for example) but these boys could just be the finishing touch I need to help both the Win Con & the Ramp.

Rocksteady & Bebop

Rocksteady & Bebop

I’m actually liking the four-cost versions of this pair: ‘Rocksteady – Armed & Dangerous’ and ‘Bebop – Troublesome’ quite a lot. I admit, as a child of the 80s, I’ve a soft spot for ‘Rocksteady’ and ‘Bebop’ so I might be making them better in my head than they are, but let’s face it – at their highest level ‘Rocksteady’ is a 6/4 Overcrusher who takes no damage when blocked while ‘Bebop’ is a 6/9 powerhouse. That’s pretty intense for a purchase cost of eight.

Block ‘Rocksteady’ & you’ll whittle down the damage you take, but you ain’t taking him out and he’ll back in your face next turn. Let him through and you’ll be taking a big hit. And he’s not that expensive – so you could be staring down two or three of this thundering rhino – and I think that could be quite intimidating. Want to throw your own big nasty my way – no probs, ‘Bebop’ will hold the fort.

I’m toying around with a fun team using these and the ‘Thanos – Infinite’, that, while possibly not the most competitive, I reckon is going to be a bundle of joy to play. All that lovely ‘Rocksteady’ combat damage could make ‘Thanos’ a cheap mid-game Overcrushing muscle boost, provided that ‘Rocksteady’ hasn’t already finished them off.


So – a bit underwhelming and I’d question the value of the set from what’s been spoiled (I think that’s everything now, but I could be wrong) outside of a beginner’s set.

However – it’s still my intention to pick up a set for the days when my children get a bit older and are ready for something more complicated than “Zombie-Dice” or “Storycubes” and, in the meantime, have a little go with the cards I mentioned above.

What about you reader? Does this set underwhelm you a bit? Is there a card with wider utility I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below…


  1. My question is how does Rocksteady work? Is it dice he blocks? Dice that block him? Or is it both?
    Cards need more information on them.

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    1. So… I’ve read it to mean he takes no damage from characters that block him. “From blocking characters” indicates to me that it’s not when he blocks, but from those that block him – especially in an Overcrush scenario, which is a wholly Attacking mechanic.

      That’s my interpretation in any case, I’m by no means an expert or official word or owt…


      1. I agree.
        Like you said , “from blocking characters meaning those that block
        him. “


  2. I like the Basic Actions Give Me a Break and Turtle Van. I also like both the Foot Soldiers and blog Casey Jones that they spoiled.

    That’s not all the cards though. In the video he says that he didn’t show all the cards but he showed all the characters.

    I can’t wait to see what else is in the box but the particular cards they spoiled like Shredder and Splinter and the Turtles are a bit underwhelming if you’re wanting to add them into the meta. So I agree with you on the underwhelming part of what they spoiled in the video. Thematically and within itself, I think they’ll be fun to play.

    Enjoyed the read.

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    1. I didn’t watch the vid – I read the screen caps on The Reserve Pool. Not all the cards? Some Actions maybe?

      I’m so twitchy about Basic Actions – too many in my meta buy up all the BACs you bring it becomes a nightmare!

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      1. I think he showed all the Basic Actions, but not sure. It was hard to see what all he still had in his hand when he fanned the cards out. Most of the time, if I bring a Basic Action, it’s one that has a Global or it’s cheap to buy with a good ability – like Hulk Out. I like the Turtle Van though. I might be able to find a spot for it.

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      2. Yeah – I was meaning something more like an equipment card or a non-basic action (ie Milennium Puzzle)

        Maybe the Turtles can be kitted out with their signature weapons… 🤔

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