World’s Finest Build – “The Bat-Bomb!”

I’ve started having a toy around on the DiceMastersDB making builds with my ‘World’s Finest’ and ‘Faerun Under Siege’ (Remember, over here in the UK, the two sets landed only 2 weeks apart from one another!)

One card that particularly caught my eye was ‘Dick Grayson – Brand New Bat’, and so he’s going to be the first card up for the team. I’m really intrigued by his ability and had already give him a go in a disastrously confused build at a casual event (details of the build HERE and re-cap of the event HERE). The one time at the event I hunkered down and played him as intended it worked spectacularly, and so I’m going to take my own advice and simplify,  focus on an efficient Plan A & Plan B, and then back the team up with some good support cards.


So – with the ‘Dick Grayson’ “Bat-Bomb” as my win con I’m going to need another Bat-Family member to KO and set the “Bat-Bomb” off. At first I considered ‘Batman – Speedy Recovery’ paired up with a ‘Commissioner Gordon’ card for his Global. But the idea of of taking damage myself to initiate my win con puts me off unless I put some life gain to mitigate it in. Putting some thought into it I decide to open up the strategy with BEWD – I can pick any Bat-Family member now as the KO target and have the added utility of the ramp & the option to potentially KO other dice. (Such as ‘Solomon Grundy – Buried on Sunday’, for example)


Looking over Bat-Family members it seems pretty clear who my KO-fodder will be: ‘Alfred Pennyworth – MI5’. I can KO this bad boy to my heart’s content with a high probability of him returning to the field, standing firm as handy fodder in a wall of blockers.


The plan is a simple one: use ‘Alfred’ as my BEWD feed (with the possibility of his return) buy something cheaper, then attack with ‘Dick’ for some unavoidable pain.

I’m going to want some more ramp I think; so the old, bald faithful that is ‘Professor X – Recruiting Young Mutants’ (My preferred PXG because I love the Frank Quietely alt-art card)  for some more efficient ramp to ‘Dick Grayson’.


Looking to my support team there are two things on my mind about my win con: ‘Distraction’ and the Used Pile.

‘Distraction’ grinds my strategy to a halt immediately – that lovely, unavoidable, boosted attack is useless if it never gets off the ground. I also don’t fancy any jiggery pokery like forcing my “Bat-Bomb” to block to clear him away. With this in mind I thought about my next addition being ‘Human Paladin – Lesser Emerald Enclave’. He give my guys Global protection and has the added advantage of a handy Global of his own. However, this isn’t  enough Global control for my liking really – I’d like to make my own BEWD & PXG less advantageous for my opponent in the first instance – and as I’m trying out new ‘World’s Finest’ cards I’m going to put ‘Oracle – Master Investigator’ in to make the cost of Global use more prohibitive for my opponent.


On to my second concern: the Used Pile. With ‘Dick Grayson – Brand New Bat’ dealing his damage whether blocked or not it’s highly likely that my opponent will let him through unblocked and sent to Used Pile. It’s going to take two to three good hits for a full win, and waiting for him to cycle around from Used is going to slow me down, so I want my opponent to block my “Bat-Bomb” ideally. To this end – I’m going to drop the ‘Giant Spider – Greater Beast’ into the team to use it’s Global to force a block. I’m also going to use this to my further advantage with one of my Basic Action choices: ‘Cone of Cold’.

I attack with ‘Dick Grayson’, force a blocker to step up with the ‘Giant Spider’, and then pump up ‘Dick’ with the ‘Cone of Cold’ to maximise his damage potential even more.

The last 2 slots on my team are going to be a couple of protective removal cards to keep any tricky dice at bay from the other side of the table. I’ve decided to pop the aforementioned ‘Solomon Grundy – Born on a Sunday’ to synergise with BEWD for some spot removal if it’s needed, but, once again, as the aim is to experiment with some new cards I’ve also decided to pair up ‘Grundy’ with ‘Mister Freeze – Heart of Ice’. I’m thinking he will trap any of my opponent’s unwanted dice in Prep Area purgatory  after ‘Grundy’ has taken them down with him.

My final Basic Action is ‘Dark Avenger’, because it’s cheap, fun, and more advantageous for me than my opponent.


So here’s my “Bat-Bomb” team. (Click the pic to be taken to the DiceMastersDB team link)

Bat-Bomb DB Screen Cap

I’ll give it some play-testing soon, but in the meantime would love any feedback and comments below – any alternative suggestions?


  1. Awesome read sir!
    Oracle is one I’ve been looking at for a variety of my teams, including my Bat-Bomb team. Depending on how much you want to change your team up, you could add a Batman and Bruce Wayne, which has been mentioned already.
    Good luck with your team!

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  2. Thanks for reading and thanks for the suggestions.

    I’ll look at the ‘Bruce Wayne’ card. He had caught my eye but I was more enamoured with ‘Dick Grayson’ so went that way first.

    I’ll drop you a PM when I swing by TRP later…


  3. Okay, I really like what you have going here. Try this card: Bruce Wayne International Playboy. When a Character of yours is KO’d you get to A) move a Batman dice from the Used Pile or Bag to the Field Zone at Level 3 AND B) Capture an opposing character deice on Lvl 1 or Lvl 2. So now every time you KO a Character, Bang Move Batman. You are already using Blue Eyes White Dragon on your team, but have you considered Fabricate? Say a Flesh Golem with a Fabricate 2-3? Or a Clay Golem with 2-4? Now all you need to do is roll your free to field Oracle on a Character Face with a Sidekick, and BANG Lvl 3 Batman in the field zone while Bruce Wayne is active. Just something to think about. You can PM me over at the Reserve Pool if you want the full team breakout.

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    1. Yeah, we’ll have to see how she pans out – she doesn’t wholly prevent cards like ‘Distraction’ that’ll mess with my “Bat-Bomb” but she’s going to be a pain nonetheless for Global use.


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