World’s Finest Rainbow Draft Re-Cap,  12th April

We had five players come along to the draft at Element Games on Tuesday. This was the second draft we’d had there since Dicemasters started to pick up and I was looking forward to furthering my limited experience with the format. I had really enjoyed the ‘Faerun Under Siege’ that I participated in last month and loved the new challenge it presented to me as not only a player, but as a team-building nerd too. (Albeit one that’s still learning)

Drafting the Team

Strategically I had a few things going through my mind as the draft began.

First: I soon realised that ramp was a biiiiiiiiig issue when looking at this set standalone. My first 6 pack open gave me a selection of five, six, and even seven cost characters that made the penny drop that there was no ‘swarm’ or ‘fabricate’ that was going to help me this time. While some of the game texts on these high cost characters were gong to have an impact in a draft scenario I just couldn’t see a way to get them out quickly & efficiently.

What did stand out to me was the strong choice of villains I was looking at. Two that stood out in particular from my initial pull were ‘Poison Ivy – Pretty Poison’ (who, incidentally, was a rare I needed for my collection also) and ‘Mr Mxyzptlk – Equalizer’. They were both on the cheaper side at four purchase cost, seemed to have a really interesting (and potentially devastating) synergy, and I could see that there was good dice numbers for each in the pool.

I had a rules question that I took to the TO on this – I wanted clarification whether when I field ‘Mr Mxyzptlk – Equalizer’ would his game text apply to dice fielded after him. Our TO ruled not, and this meant I could field ‘Mr M’ to make all current die in the field 1/1, field a die or two of my own with full, unmolested stats, and then send ‘Poison Ivy’ along for the attack to clear my opponent’s board and make way for some damage.

I had formed a plan.

I also saw a solution for my ramp concerns with committing to a villain build – I could use ‘Villainous Pact’ and/or ‘The Outsider’ to boost my ramp with the added potential that they would hopefully benefit me more than my opponents.

I swooped up ‘Poison Ivy’ and was fortunate to get ‘Mr Mxyzptlk’ on the second pass. I continued to focus on villains: I picked up as many villains as I could that I thought could support my ‘Poison Ivy’/’Mr Mxyzptlk’ board sweep idea. I needed muscle to build on my win con and some protective measures for any other jiggery pokery my opponent’s pulled together.

This is what I eventually pulled together:

WF Draft Team 12th April

Round One – Loss

This was a tough, tough match up. My opponent had built a ‘Bat-Family’ team and, while I couldn’t tell you much of his team, I can tell you he had ‘Batman – Speedy Recovery ‘ and ‘Robin- Kid Detective ‘.

I was on the back foot through the whole match up – I just couldn’t get my ‘Poison Ivy’/’Mr Mxyzptlk’ combo together the right way to clear the ‘Robin’ die out and make my own assault. (Sometimes the dice Gods just intervene and make you think “where’s ‘Parallax’ when I need him?”)


I kept him at bay for a while though and got a little bit of damage through for myself. Some useful moves were pulled such as’Mr Freeze – Sub Zero’ to take his ‘Batman – Speedy Recovery’ out of play and using ‘Bane – Genius Tactician’ to give back some of the damage from those beefy ‘Robin’ die.

Alas, I couldn’t take the upper hand though and eventually a well placed lvl 3 ‘Robin’ with an ‘Anger Issues’ BAC tipped the balance in his favour.

We went to time and I had lost the round.

Round Two – Win

My opponent for this round had followed a similar strategy as I and we had both put together a Villain focused team.

Fortunately I had foreseen this during the draft. There were that many villains knocking around in the picks that I knew I was undoubtedly going to face some other villains so I had snapped up an Ace in the Hole in ‘Scarecrow – Arkham Antagonist’.


He was absolutely the MVP of the round too. In both the games we played in this round I was snatching up his villains and using them against him. I took every opportunity to KO & re-field ‘Scarecrow’ and rinse/repeat the strategy.

I also pulled off my ‘Poison Ivy’/’Mr Myxzptlk’ combo perfectly a couple of times to clear his board and drive through some damage (boosted by ‘The Outsider’ global).

Round Three – Never Happened

Sadly, we’d taken too long over the draft and had run out of time. We had to call it a day so the shop could close and last buses could be caught etc


Any Conclusions or Learns?

As always there were a couple of things to take away from the experience…

Poison Ivy’/’Mr Mxyzptlk’ Combo

I liked this combo and think I may well look at tying it into one of my constructed  builds some time.

I’ll be putting some thought into it, but in a constructed environment where there are more tools at my disposal to manage the timing better it could be a powerful move.

‘Scarecrow – Arkham Antagonist’ 

With the strength & prevalence of Villain characters in ‘World’s Finest’ this guy is simply a must have; you can all but guarantee you’ll be facing a Villain to snatch on the opposite side of the table.

If I draft ‘World’s Finest’ again I will be definitely on the lookout for this guy.


I once again enjoyed the draft format and am keen to get some drafting done again. I’ve been loving playing a different format with the guys down the FLGS and hope we get to do some more again soon.

What about you? Any stand-out cards in your drafts? How have you been finding ‘World’s Finest’ for drafting with?


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  1. Poison Ivy, Pretty Poison is great! And it feels like there are a ton of Villains in this set. Another character to look for is Batgirl, Stealth Bat. She can’t be blocked by Villains or Sidekicks. She’s great to get through Villain walls!

    Great read!

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