When my Children get ahold of the Dicemasters…

For some time now my two toddlers (Mini Ms Six at 5 yrs old and Little Mr Six at 2 yrs old) have taken quite an active interest in these curious looking, colourful little cubes that their Daddy seems so obsessed with.

They are thieving little fingered buggers too. It’s not uncommon for me to arrive at an event to discover I’ve only got eighteen dice for my team. It’s my own fault – I regularly leave boxes of dice lying around un-defended when I’ve hurriedly made last minute changes to a team or been list making late at night.

So, for approx. 6 months or so I’ve been snapping photos of the weird & wonderful places my Dicemasters dice end up, courtesy of the thieving little cherubs I call my children – here’s a few highlights for a giggle…

Next to the Hard drive…

Under the Sofa…

In the Dolls House Bath…
Under my Son’s Bed…
There’s Something Ironic about Mr Freeze & Penguin ending up in the Microwave!
Did you know Tsum Tsums Poop Sidekick Dice?
Pat’s Special Delivery Today…
About the Only Use for a ‘Thing’ Die…
My Daughter’s Pencil Case…
What’s That I Spy at the Bottom of the Toy Box?
In the Back of Thomas’ Carriage…

I’m encouraged to see them taking an interest and can’t wait until they are a bit older so I can teach them the game. This interest will be fostered and capitalised on the soonest it can.

How about you guys? Anybody else got some little kiddies around who are fascinated with your DiceMasters Dice? Where’s the wierdest place you’ve found a “misplaced” die?

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