TMNT DiceMasters UK Delay…Little Rant

The title says it all really: my TMNT DiceMasters Collector’s Box pre-order still hasn’t arrived!

For all the things going right with DiceMasters in the UK so far this year, this is something that they just can’t quite seem to get the correct balance with. Of the four releases we’ve seen this year so far none of them have shipped on time (although, admittedly, World’s Finest and Civil War were pretty close). It’s damn frustrating.

This is not a European DiceMasters problem: this is a European tabletop gaming problem. I’ve seen this going on with a number of games across a number of publishers. I’ve never really known or understood what the root cause of the delays are – I’ve heard of dock worker strikes, Somali pirates (pretty sure that one was a joke), and bad weather as the explanation for the hold ups.

Are these guys having a game with my TMNT boxset?

I know there’s not much can be done – it’s just a logistical problem that’s waaaaaay out of my circle of influence. I’d like games companies & distributors to be a little better at the comms piece around the issue, but that’s just a little bit of feedback, it’s not like I expect them to sail out and meet the container ship half way or anything (Are you reading Esdevium? You need to get some Miami-vice style speedboats! 😜) – if the waters are so choppy the boat’s got to slow down…well…the boat’s got to slow down, hasn’t it? Just a fact of life.

It does make me a little jealous when I start to see all my fellow, international DiceMasters fans showing off their new cards. All the unboxing reviews and discussions about all the new teams that could be built. It definitely serves to amplify my impatience.

On a practical level: it does set the game up to fail a little over here. For example; Faerun Under Seige was delayed so much it was released only a week before World’s Finest (the only set this year to have been exactly on time). If I hadn’t already spread the cost with some pre-ordering I definitely would have faced a tough purchasing decision at the counter of my FLGS that day. (You can read a very similar rant about the Faerun Under Siege delay HERE. Y’know, if you’re into reading repetitive blog posts…) I’m certain some will have selected the purchase of one over the other.

*sigh* anyway – my pre-order at my FLGS is currently showing as “collect after 4pm” with today’s date on it. I’m not holding my breath – it’s said “collect after 4pm” on a few dates these past few weeks…

Fingers crossed.

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  1. I remember back in the beginning, when there was only AvX. I remember how difficult it was to get a single starter and you could forget booster packs! Then there was a huge fiasco with Uncanny. I definitely feel your pain, but it’s well worth it to tough it out and hang with them. Hopefully they’ll get things sorted out in the near future.

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