Constructed Event Recap, 28th June

I headed down to Element Games in Stockport Tuesday night for our regular OP get together. It was a constructed event and we were playing for the DC Bombshell OP cards.

We had eight players competing this week. There was the usual warm & jovial atmosphere and everyone was fighting fit & mad for a good session on Dice Masters.

I played my “Zemo/Thanos” build (you can find the details HERE) but with ‘Krang’ swapped out with ‘Black Manta – David’ as my TMNT pre-order hadn’t arrived in time. I figured he was a good fit for a last minute change; I didn’t have much time to think through an alternative and subbed him in just moments before I got in the car to head down to the store, hoping he would add a little value to the build.

Round One – Win

My first round was against Guy, who was fielding the Marvel team based around ‘Wolverine – Formerly Weapon Ten’ he had been tuning up & practicing with for a few weeks.


Guy bought up his ‘Wolverine’ die but I managed to keep that nasty beast at bay by sending ‘Kobold’ die in to block as fodder.

I kept my dice well protected from Guy’s targeted game-texts with ‘Human Paladin’ and forged ahead with my ‘Baron Zemo’ strategy. I got a few good hits in with him early and got a handful of discount tokens on my ‘Thanos’.

It wasn’t an easy ride by any stretch; Guy had added ‘Human Torch – Flame On’ to his team and was pinging me hard with his burn. I stayed the course and kept clearing the field down with my ‘Nitro’, figuring I could handle the ‘Human Torch’ burn when Guy re-fielded from the prep. I was wrong, and the ‘Human Torch’ damage soon started catching up and closing the life total gap between us.

Johnny Storm Flame On!

It all came to a close when ‘Thanos’ hit the table. We were in a walled up field of attrition but the Overcrushing might of ‘Thanos’ was too much for Guy’s team to handle and after biding my time for a little bit I was able to go for a large attack for lethal.

Round Two – Loss

My next round was against Justin. Justin was playing a Justice League Retaliation build and I saw such cards as ‘Batman – World’s Greatest Detective’ and ‘Aquaman – Arthur Curry’ along with some support from ‘Oracle – Hacker’ and ‘Kryptonite – Green Death’ for some protective control elements.


I took the upper hand pretty quick, due in no small part to some unfortunate rolls on Justin’s part that allowed me to get some early hits in. I had whittled him down to six life with early game ‘Zemo’ hits, and was feeling pretty happy with the early game success. Once again, I had ‘Thanos’ down to a more manageable cost and the ‘Nitro’/’Zemo’ combo seemed to be working well.

That feeling didn’t last long though – once ‘Aquaman’ and ‘Big Entrance’ started to roll appropriately for Justin the big guns came around cheaper and I couldn’t keep up. The life gain provided by ‘Batman’ soon started to address the life total imbalance between us and the increasing number of dice with ‘Retaliation’ game-text started to make ‘Nitro’ more & more a liability than an advantage. ‘Thanos’ became much less of an attractive powerhouse with Justin’s ‘Supeman – Kal El’ in the field offering up some solid defense to the Overcrushing menace. (And, incidentally, pumping up that damnable ‘Retaliation’ damage too)

Superman Kal El

Justin’s dice count also stopped my ‘Zemo’ machine in it’s tracks. I needed my offensive unit as a defensive unit: with a KO’d character and ‘Zemo’ moving to the Used Pile every time I swung in I couldn’t risk leaving my field clear.

We chipped away at each other here & there – Justin relentlessly attacked forcing me to carefully block so as not to kick off his ‘Retaliation’ with my blockers or with ‘Nitro’ (which was quite the puzzle some turns).

When ‘Green Lantern – Brightest Day’ hit the field it was all over – with the amassed force of Justice League characters the direct damage blow of an all-in attack left me injured enough that what I couldn’t block was lethal. Justin took the round.

Round Three – Win

In my final round I was facing off against Simon and his D&D Fiend based list.


I was super-curious to see how this team played – I have considered giving a Fiend theme a go myself and what better way to learn about the theme than to face off against them.

It was impressively fast! The speed at which those guys get discounted and hit the table is terrifying. The wall of nasty beasts had me efficiently on the back foot. Si had an early ‘Hell Hound – Lesser Fiend’ and a ‘Glabrezu – Minion Fiend’ and those bad boys were making it far too easy for Si to fill his field with quite the intimidating offensive force. The speed at which a fat 8/8 ‘Orcus’ hit the field was mind numbing.

I needed blockers, and so had to interrupt my Swarm ramp by fielding my ‘Kobold’ die to hold the line. This turned out to be the best strategy – Si couldn’t get his forces up enough to go for lethal as my endless supply of ‘Kobold’ was ably to serve itself up as fodder for the  Demon Prince and his Fiends.

Orcus Demon Prince

It did slow me down quite a bit though. I found myself rolling just four dice a turn and was purchasing for my own strategy slowly.  I had to play a patience game – to get a few hits in with ‘Zemo’ I had to pick my moment to KO my own die and make my un-blockable attacks so as not to leave my field too thin for blocking. I was no no rush for my ‘Thanos’ in any case – the beefy stats on ‘Orcus’ meant he was less intimidating and I decided that sticking with ‘Zemo’ was my best route to a win.

My patience paid off. Some well timed ‘Zemo’ die with some ‘The Outsider’ Global attack boost saw me to the finish line and delivered lethal damage to Si. I took my second win of the night.


Another great event down at Element Games. When performance was compared there were three competitors at 2-1-0, but ‘Strength of Schedule’ calculations on the WIN placed me fourth. Not to worry – the guys were kind enough to vote me the “Fellowship Award” so I still walked away with a few boosters and a set of DC Bombshells. To top it all off – my game night great jammy luck occurred once again this week as I pulled a Super Rare from my prize boosters (On how many occasions can this luck go on for!?!)

Some great games, some great prizes, and a Super Rare. What more could a Dice Masters fan ask for?

Team Thoughts & Reflections

When I got home that night I gathered some thoughts on the team and how I might improve it ongoing…


I most definitely felt the absence of ‘Krang – Ruler of Dimension X’. There were a few times I could have really benefited from the possibility of returning ‘Baron Zemo’ to the Prep Area. Delivering lethal damage with him was a bit on the slow side, even with four of his die, as I kept waiting for him to rotate back around from the Used Pile. When the TMNT set arrives I’ll be interested to see if he can make a bit of a difference and improve the efficiency of the team.

Krang Ruler of Dimension X

He’ll also serve to fill the defensive gap on the team – I definitely needed someone big & solid to sit tight in the field to block attacks while ‘Nitro’ was sitting in Prep & ‘Zemo’ was sitting in Used.

Fingers crossed my pre-order will arrive soon…


I definitely got the cost down enough to make him more than affordable, but I only bought him a handful of times. I may consider cutting him, even though he was the starting inspiration for the team! I’ll stick with him for awhile and see…



It’s too expensive, and I got caught out with it a couple of times when my ‘Human Paladin’ wasn’t in the field. I’m going to reconsider this slot and look for a cheaper Basic Action to use in its place.



There we are then. Thanks for reading. I’m going to give the team another go at a ‘Marvel Knights’ OP I’m heading down to next and see how it fares against a fresh set of teams.

Do you have any thoughts? Go ahead and share them in the comments below…

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