Green Arrow & The Flash Dice Masters Set Spoilers

On Thursday this week The Dice Tower’s Tom Vasel posted a review of “Green Arrow & The Flash” set on Youtube and it is full to the brim of lovely, lovely card spoilers!

Thanks also to the sterling work of PK2317 over at the The Reserve Pool we have a wonderful collection of screen grabs of these spoilers to pour over at our leisure too. Thanks Paul!

And, to top it all off, Wizkids chucked us a few spoilers of their own HERE.

There’s so much juicy stuff on display here I just don’t even know where to start, so I’m just going to let my superficial instincts guide me at this stage.

First up: check out all those new Justice League members. I’ve not fully processed them yet in my head (I’m eager to consider whether any of them are going to make my much loved Justice League Retaliation build pop a little more) but generally some JL stand outs are the spoiled ‘Superman’ cards and ‘Barry Allen – CSI’

I’m always a fan of any way fielding dice can be expedited and these are a couple of interesting cats that do just that. Throw in the fact you can enjoy a bit of purchasing or fielding cost discounts with the likes of ‘Aquaman – Arthur Curry’ and ‘Wonder Woman – Champion of Themiscyra’ we may well see some very efficient, big stat characters hitting the field. I’m already thinking about trying a ‘Superman’ build with maybe the OP ‘Lois Lane – DC Bombshell’ thrown in to give the Big S a stronger win con edge.

Speaking of Affiliations – there are some really interesting new potential additions to popular Villain builds. the first Villain to catch my eye was ‘Black Adam – Teth Adam’.

Black Adam Teth Adam

Check that insane game-texts out: I’ve no doubt this guy is going to be popular.  Think of the shenanigans you could have with this guy and ‘Black Manta – Deep Sea Deviant’ and BEWD; just repeatedly KO’ing, Retaliating & Regenerating like a boss to deal lots of lovely direct damage and gaining a huuuuge discount on your next die purchase.

Another Villain spoiled that caught my eye was ‘Gorilla Grodd – Brains & Brawn’.

Gorilla Grodd Brains & Brawn

While the uncommon ‘Gorilla Grodd – Force of Mind’ will have caught many an eye for his big, flashy game-text, this Rare is the one that caught my eye for one very simple reason: in the Unlimited Constructed meta, while the number of good ‘Crossover’ characters are more limited, this guy is ostensibly going to be Unblock-able FULL STOP. Because, let’s face it, how many teams are going to be carrying a ‘Crossover’ character as a matter of course? ( Maybe ‘Jay Garrick – Leadfoot’, but I think the cost of his Synergy game-text will prove too high in the long run)

Next stand-out on my first, instinctual overview, is ‘Cyborg – A New Man’. Not only is it nice to see the Teen Titan affiliation get filled out a bit more in Dice Masters, it’s got this guy added to the ranks with a pretty impressive game-text. And besides; he would make a good fit on many teams.

Cyborg A New Man

His attack value isn’t overwhelming, but I do believe your opponent would be thinking twice about attacking with him in the field. One possible combo to consider would be ‘Kal El – From Another Earth’ or ‘Ant-Man – Pym Particles’ to ensure the KO takes place.

The final card in the spoilers that really leaped out at me was ‘Batgirl – Commish’s Daughter’.

Batgirl Commish's Daughter

A little something there for the control fans. She’s certainly got a place on a number of my builds to mitigate some popular cards I often face in my local meta.

So, there you go, for what it’s worth there is my initial, gut reaction, stand-outs from the Dice Tower review. I’m reeeeeeeally looking forward to this set and can’t wait to see the unseen cards – if what we’ve seen is anything to go by then there is some good times soon to be had drafting this set and experimenting with them in the Constructed format.

What are your stand-outs? Anything we’ve seen so far you’re excited about? Disagree with my choices? Let me know in the comments below…

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