Dr Strange Team Pack – Spoilers…

Just a week ago or so, on their Instagram page, Wizkids game posted a sneak peek at the upcoming ‘Dr Strange Team Pack’, with the promise of more spoilers coming soon. This definitely brought about a strong sense of anticipation upon me.

Dr Strange Packaging

I’m loving the idea of this set. A small, low cost, self-contained pack is a great idea for this game and I fully support it. One hope I’ve long held is sets of this nature without dice, returning to characters from old sets that don’t see much use and producing new cards to make more use of their dice, a bit like the OP sets.

I do wish it included the Max-Dice of 4 for all the cards in it, I’m going to end up with duplicate cards that are going to be of no use (Not very ecologically sound, either) but i still consider the cost of purchasing two sets reasonable.

Do i need two sets to acquire four dice for each character? Well, yes, I do. From what I’ve seen, spoiler-wise, of the set so far looks promising, and one particular character has caught my eye that I believe will steer me to a four dice need: ‘Wong – Expert of Kamar Taj’.

Here are the Spoilers I speak of:

Dr Strange Team Pack Spoilers

‘Wong’ has caught my eye for a couple of reasons. Firstly – check out those stats for his purchase cost of 2! Secondly – ┬áhe’s an ‘ally’, which means he’s considered a Sidekick in the field. For a little while now I’ve been rattling an ‘ally’ build around in my head with a Win Condition focused on ‘Foot Ninja – Ninja Syndicate’, ‘Alfred – MI5’ and ‘Falcon – Recon’ that I can see ‘Wong’ fitting perfectly in.

‘Clea’ is a pretty mean card too. A single Lightening Bolt energy for three points of character damage could be pretty fun to play around with. I saw, for example, a really intriguing suggestion on Reddit around combo’ing her with ‘Jocasta – Patterned After Janet’ for some direct damage. She’s pretty beefy stat-wise too, although comes with a beefy set of fielding costs too.

So; all round 2/3 of the spoilers have caught my eye…pretty promising sign for the set as a whole. What are your thoughts? Is ‘Wong’ as awesome as I think he is? Do you see some potential in the spoiled ‘Doctor Strange’ I’ve not? Are you bummed about the number of included dice too? Let me know in the comments below…


  1. So it’s presumably 8 characters with 3 cards and 2 dice each?
    Does seem odd, and the dice have slightly different stats to the originals too.
    Bit naughty from WizKids there TBH, all depends on the price…

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    1. That’s exactly it mate =http://wizkids.com/dicemasters/dr-strange-team-pack/

      I’m pretty sure I read somewhere we’re looking at a tenner a pack – so it’ll be 20 quid for a max die quota.

      It’s just such an odd choice.


  2. I really wish they would give you Max Dice. I really don’t want to buy two sets but I just might the way I am with wanting Max Dice


    1. Yep – it’s quite mystifying really. As I said: I’ll be buying two sets for Wong, plus I’m hoping something we’ve not seen yet might just justify a second set.

      It’s just so…wasteful.


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