Rainbow Draft Weekend, GTG Hobbies – Part One: Marvel Matches

I headed down to one of my all time favourite local gaming stores; GTG HOBBIES, for a bit of Rainbow Draft Weekend 2 action on Sunday.

Rainbow Draft Weekend 2

GTG have recently moved premises and, while I’ll always miss the down-home charm of it’s previous location, I have to say the new shop is looking tremendous. It’s been a while since I’ve played Dice Masters there; I try to get down as often as I can because the regular crowd are a cracking bunch, but sadly, with the store over an hour away, it’s often difficult to get there between family commitments. So I was glad to be able to fit an opportunity in to play there.

This was also my first time playing in over four weeks following my operation – so I was chomping at the bit to play and was buzzing that it was going to be a whole day of dice rolling action. We played 30 minute, single game rounds. BACs from all sets were permitted. We drafted with the “Uncanny X-Men” set to begin this Double-Bill event.

Here’s how it went…



I found “Uncanny X-Men” a tough set to draft. I’ll admit; my drafting experience is much more limited than Constructed, but I definitely had the sense I was finding it harder to piece together a team idea compared to the more contemporary sets I had drafted with.

We also, sadly, only had four players attending, which I think had an impact on the card pool available to choose from, compared to the recommended number of minimum six. C’est la vie.

That said: as the dice hit the middle of the table I clocked a few things and started get an idea of what I wanted to keep an eye out for in the draft. There were some ‘Namor’ die, some ‘Ant-Man’ die, and some ‘Professor X’ die that I knew all had some potential to get something together.

This swiftly became a case of the “best laid plans of mice & men” though as I didn’t see a single ‘Namor’ card throughout the draft and only got my hands on one a piece of ‘Ant-Man’ and ‘PXG’.

Namor Sub Mariner

At least I had some ramp with PXG, but I was struggling to find a decent win con and some general support/utility like spot removal and defense.

So – in the absence of a bright idea I grabbed up some offensive muscle with ‘Black Panther – Wakanda Chief’ and ‘Pyro – Saint John Allerdice’. I also picked up ‘Mystique – Ageless’; thinking that with PXG I might be able to get her nice & pumped up.

To meet my concerns about defence I grabbed up ‘Marvel Girl – Telekinetic’ (to spin down & weaken my opponent’s dice), and ‘Vision – Density Control’ (To make sure I’ve got a beefier defensive stat number in my team).

I couldn’t get anything together for direct, spot removal, so I picked up ‘Toad – Mortimer Tonybee’ with the hope that I could at least force any problem die to attack and either KO them or take the hit and get them through to Used.

Toad Mortymer Tonybee

I filled the last slot with my only ‘Ant-Man – Biophysicist’ die, mostly because it was cheap.

For my BACs I went with ‘Superhero Registration Act’ and ‘Betrayal’. My thinking (which turned out to be foolish thinking – more about that later) was that the former may lead to some KO’ing and the latter would be a nice go to for the traditional wall-up problem of drafts.

You can find the team HERE on the Dice Masters DB.

Round One – Loss

In my first round I faced off against Jeff, who, it appears, had snatched up the ‘Namor’ cards I had so coveted through the draft.


I knew I was in trouble with ‘Namor – Sub Mariner’ on the opposing team. I bought up ‘Toad’ in the hope of forcing attacks to try and keep the number of fielded dice down and make ‘Namor’ block-able. I also bought up a ‘Pyro’ believing I could get some cheeky little cuts in at least if he was blocked.

Jeff was also quick to spot ‘Betrayal’ and bought it out from under me. This was the first of numerous times today my own BAC was going to contribute to my downfall.

It wasn’t long before Jeff’s field was full of Sidekicks as his ‘Namor’ die came around. I was also left mouth agape as he consistently rolled ‘Namor’ at his top level three times in a row. In round three I took an unblock-able hit of five points of damage, in round four I took ten from two ‘Namor’ did, and by round five a well placed ‘Betrayal’ and an “all-in” assault was enough to finish me off with lethal.

‘Namor’ turned out to be the MVP I had thought he would be. I had lost my first round.

Round Two – Loss

My second round was against Adam, who had built a Villain team using ‘Mystique – Raven Darkholme’, ‘Scarlet Witch – Wanda Maximoff’, and ‘Pyro – Saint John Allerdice’.


My own Villains became a challenge here as they were contributing to his ‘Mystique’ die stat bump. This was entirely my own fault – as I skimmed Adam’s team I had made the incorrect assumption he was using the same ‘Mystique’ as me and didn’t realise my foolish mistake until after I’d fielded my own ‘Mystique’, ‘Pyro’ and ‘Toad’! What an idiot!

I got some decent hits in with ‘Pyro’ but it wasn’t enough. Adam played some strategically placed ‘Shocking Grasp’ Basic Action dice to clear my ‘Mystique’ and ‘Ant-Man’ die to thin my field and overwhelm me a few times and eventually his force waded across for lethal.

My second loss of the day.

Round Three – Win

My third round was against Rhys, and I mostly saw in the field from his team ‘Sabretooth – Something to Prove’ and ‘Falcon – Sam Wilson’.

Rhys walled up heavily with sidekicks so I bought up a couple of ‘Betrayal’ die and walled up a bit of my own with ‘Ant-Man’,’Vision’ & some sidekicks to keep any attacks at bay.

Rhys snuck a few cheeky hits in here & there but my ‘Betrayal’ buy up proved to be a winning strategy as they delivered five or six points of damage whenever they came around.

It came down to a close round of Rhys’ before my ‘Betrayal’ die were going to cycle back through – Rhys knew that one good ‘Betrayal’ hit was going to finish him off with his current character numbers but sadly for him he couldn’t figure a way to fit a lethal blow in before the killer Basic Action die re-appeared. There were a few ways of getting some hefty punches in, but fortunately for me, no way to get that final, lethal blow in.

I pulled two ‘Betrayal’ die from the bag next turn and rolled both to finish him off. I had finally won a round! Hooray!


We held a half-time prize giving and took a brief break before we set to the second leg of our Drafting double-bill. I came in third on the Strength of Schedule and picked up my participation card of ‘Melinda May’ and a ‘Blink’.

I’ll get the DC prize draft written up posted shortly, but in the meantime – please feel free to comment & share your thoughts. How did your draft go? What set did you draft for the Marvel prizes? Did you make as dreadful a team as I? Let me know…


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