Rainbow Draft Weekend 2, Element Games: Marvel Draft

Last weekend I headed down to Element Games to compete in my third, and final Rainbow Draft Weekend 2 event of the month.


My last two RDW’s had not gone so well for me and I was determined to have a better crack of the whip at this event. This was the home turf, so to speak, as the store I play most frequently at, and I had all the hard learnt lessons of the last two events to take in with me.

We had 7 players at the draft and we’re going to play 3 X 30 minute single game rounds. We were going to be drafting from the Civil War set.


As is frequently the case; the atmosphere was warm & jovial. There was a couple of players who I had met at other events down as well, so we had a nice mix with a handful of Element Games regulars and a handful of peeps from the wider community. Everyone broke the ice and got to know one another quickly.

The Draft

The draft started up and I was chuffed to see a rare ‘Baron Zemo – Evil Leadership’ in my first picks. He had been a recipe for success in a previous draft before and I knew I had to pick him up.


For ‘Baron Zemo’ to be effective I needed a means of KO’ing one of my own characters, so my next pick was ‘Rocket Raccoon – Not a Raccoon’ and then elected to pop ‘Magic Missile’ in as one of my basic actions. The plan: to use the ‘Magic Missile’ global to ping away at ‘Rocket Raccoon’ with his 1 defense.

Next up I grabbed a ‘Black Widow – Mistress of Pain’ for her blocking might (and cool looking artwork). Again, she had really helped me out in a draft tournie before and was a no-brained for me when she came around.


Continuing to build the defensive part of my team: my next pick was ‘Ronin – Continuing the Name’. Not quite as potent as his Uncommon or Super Rare counter parts, but handy anyway with decent costs, stats, and a useful game-text in some circumstances.

I picked up a ‘She-Hulk – Ain’t Easy Being Green’ for a bit of muscle on the team and to potentially use her ‘Intimdate’ cancelling game-text. (I’ve had my fingers burnt by ‘The Punisher’ before.)

By this point the draft picks had dwindled and the rest was filler. I popped ‘Taskmaster’ on the team because I thought his game-text was interesting, ‘Captain Marvel’ for some more unblock-able potential, and ‘Wasp’ to try a bit of  ‘fast’ out.

Finally; I had my second Basic Action slot to fill so went with ‘Resurrection’ for a little extra ramp.

The team then was as follows:

  • Baron Zemo – Evil Leadership
  • Rocket Raccoon – Not a Raccoon
  • Black Widow – Mistress of Pain
  • Ronin – Continuing the Name
  • She-Hulk – Ain’t Easy Being Green
  • Taskmaster – Photographic Reflexes
  • Captain Marvel – Captain Carol Danvers
  • Wasp – America’s Newest Hero
  • Magic Missile
  • Resurrection

Round One – Loss

I was First up against Dante, who had built a solid ‘Justice – New Warrior’ centric build with him supported by cards like ‘Hercules – The Incredible Herc’.


It was a good, hard fought game with Dante, both of us jousting back & forth trying to out maneuvre one another. I’ll always remember this game because Dante switched me on to the ‘Escape Incarceration’ BAC that he was using. I’d never realised the power of that card and enjoyed seeing it in action; Dante used it to great effect to expedite his characters out and I made a little mental note of it for the future.

Dante really kept the pressure up with his ‘Justice’ die. I used my ‘Magic Missile’ BAC numerous times to keep the Sidekick count down in an attempt to weaken ‘Justice’ but it seemed he was able to roll Sidekicks like a boss and keep his count in excess of two. ‘Black Widow’ was ready to do some good work keeping the lower level ‘Justice’ die at bay and contributed to the walled-up stand off we were in.

We went to time and in the final five rounds I got some good unblock-able ‘Baron Zemo’ hits in and took Dante right down to one life, but couldn’t get that final hit through in time. The next round Dante steamed over with his muscle & KO’d my entire line and when it came to my go I only went and failed to roll a number of character faces to bring them back, which was enough for Dante’s wall to storm over. With ‘Hercules’ attack boost it was enough to deliver lethal to me.

I was gutted, but I had lost my first game of the event.

Round Two – Win

Next up I was facing Aris. From Aris’ team I saw ‘Ant-Man – Scott Lang’, ‘Wasp – America’s New Hero’, and ‘Mary-Jane – Watson Parker’ (I think) hit the field.


I stuck rigid to my intended strategy: buying up ‘Black Widow’ and ‘Ronin’ to get my little defense squad in place before picking up ‘Rocket Raccoon’ and ‘Baron Zemo’ for my win con combo. ‘Black Widow’ really pulled her weight as Aris Had begun by buying up his cheaper ‘Ant-Man’ die.

I kept my purchases tight and, in a rare bit of piloting inspiration, managed my bag so my ‘Baron Zemo’ die came through quickly to keep the unblock-able pressure up. It worked, and ‘Zemo’ showed his face often enough for me to deliver lethal damage over a couple of rounds.

I had won my second round.

Round Three – Win

My third & final round was against Justin, who had built a cool team around ‘She-Hulk – Ain’t Easy Being Green’ and ‘Jessica Jones – Mother and More’, supported by the Basic Action ‘Enraged’ from the TMNT set.


I was immediately struck by the irony of us both having ‘She-Hulk’: I had prepared for the ‘intimidate’ game-text by drafting that ‘She-Hulk’, and then the first time ‘intimidate’ comes up it’s only the one card the ‘She-Hulk’ game-text can’t apply to: another ‘She-Hulk’! D’oh!

Justin followed his strategy through and the Overcrushing onslaught soon began. Even with multiple blocking characters there was still a bit of damage going through here & there as Justin attacked whenever an ‘Enraged’ Basic Action die came around.

It was a thinker of a game, I think we were both feeling a bit of fatigue from the intense few hours of Dice Masters-ing by this point. There were numerous times when we both realised we could have pulled some better moves to get us closer to the win – like Justin forgetting to take full advantage of the ‘Fast’ game-text on ‘Jessica Jones’ or when I repeatedly neglected to have my ‘Ronin’ transfer some damage.

In the end I managed to pull through and win the match by sticking with my unblock-able ‘Baron Zemo’ strategy. Once I had walled up enough with some better defense numbers in my field I could afford to ‘Magic Missile’ Global a Sidekick or a ‘Rocket Raccoon’ to initiate his game-text and walk him over. A few turns with a couple of Zemo’s and I was golden. After some early frights from that muscle-y Overcrushing I was able to bring it back.

I had won my third round.


I ended the draft on 2W-1L-0T and subsequently placed second in the event. The guys were also kind enough to vote me the Fellowship award – thanks dudes.


I picked up a few funky promos and we took some piccies for the store’s Facebook page before taking a much needed meal break before starting up the DC leg of the event – check out part two for more info on that.

Before you do though – give us a comment below. What did you think of the team I built? How was your RDW Marvel draft? Let me know…

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