The Fall WKO Regional Qualifier Challenge

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As the Regional Qualifier dates are all now published at the four UK locations and creeping up on us, it’s time to put some thought into what I’m looking to achieve and with what team.

Looking at the dates & locations there is just one Qualifier I am going to be able to attend, unless a miracle happens and some stuff the Wife has organised one weekend falls through, which will open up a second for me to attend. I’m secretly hoping this is the case (she’ll never in a million years read this!) keep your fingers crossed for me folks.

I’m going to the a look at my performance in the 15/16 Qualifier as my inspiration to setting my personal goals for the upcoming 16/17 event. In the 15/16 Qualifier I came 10th out of 36 competitors, and only narrowly missed out on the top 8 cut. I went 3 Wins – 1 Loss – 2 Ties overall by the conclusion. (None of the ties were intentional)

The 15/16 UK National Qualifier Participants

Using this performance as my yard stick I’m determined to at least match it. I’ve been playing quite a bit since the 15/16 Qualifier in June, but it’s clear to me that I have to keep my expectations realistic as the wider National meta is going to be very different to the meta at my local FLGS’ (for example – it’s a bit of an unwritten rule that you don’t bring ‘Bard’ on the Tuesday night casual at one store, and another store I play at has a house rule of “no Super-Rares”). So goal number one is to improve my Win/Loss/Tie ratio a little, and I’m going to be going for a minimum of four wins out of six rounds. 

This should hopefully place me in the top third again, so we’ll see how many players turn up and see if I can make a like-for-like comparison.

I’m also determined to achieve this goal with a team that is less predictable in the game’s meta at the moment. I want to use a team that’s going to be fun & interesting to play. At the last Qualifier I used my version of a ‘Johnny Swarm’ team  that was a blast to play with in every match and that’s an experience I’m eager to replicate – without the fun, what’s the point? Therefore goal number two is to make a team that I’m going to enjoy using and is less expected by my opponent. 

What’s the team going to be? I’m not sure yet but I’ve got a few options I’m thinking of. I’ve got a limited play window to get some practice & tuning time in so my starting point is likely going to be a win con I’ve used a few times and am relatively familiar with.  I’ve been toying around with ‘Lantern Ring’ teams and Villain builds lately so may look at one of them. 

I’ve got a decision to make regarding using a Bard-centric team, that’s for certain. I’m intent on not using it, which may be setting myself up to fail, but I value the enjoyment of the game for me and my opponent over the competitive edge. That said – I’d be fool not to give it any thought as it will undoubtedly be seen on the day. Hmm… more consideration needed here.

Whichever team I choose I’ll need to tighten it up to suit the wider National meta. For example – I’ve become lazy when it comes to interfering with my opponent’s global usage as they are less strategically relied upon in my local meta; the lads down the gaming centre aren’t keen on the universal advantage globals can provide to both players if you don’t prepare for it. I’ve started to foray into playing on Skype and think this may be the way to go to change up my play standard and explore some of the challenges I am experienced with facing. I’ve also discussed running a big weekend event at my most geographically local of Friendly Locals for a Regionals rehearsal of sorts, provided we can get the numbers up and attract some ‘out of towners’.

There it is for now: I’ve got my agenda for Regionals figured out and have ‘declared myself’ to the world! Watch this space for more content leading up to the UK Regionals in the coming weeks.

What are your thoughts? Am I mad to compete with a Lantern Ring team? Should I re-consider Bard? Am I being realistic with my performance hopes? Let me know in the comments below…

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