I Seem to Tie Rounds a lot…

I had my little girl’s Parent’s Evening at school the other week so was unable to attend my FLGS’ regular Tuesday night casual event. I’ve also been away on holiday (enjoying some Autumn sun & sand right) so missed a handful more after that. I’m in total Dice Masters withdrawal, so still took an interest in how the events have been going in my absence – I’ve been having a peek at the events on WIN to see how everyone’s been doing, especially our newer players who I enjoy seeing do well and start to win more & more games. What I noticed in their results was the catalyst for the thought process that inspired this post: very few of the rounds were tied.

Why did this stand out to me? Because it got me to thinking that maybe my ratio of draws is higher than usual.

Here’s a screen cap of my WIN profile:


Out of 92 recorded matches I’ve drawn in over 20% them.

So… what’s that all about?

The Format

The format played most frequently at my more regular FLGS is 45 minute rounds of best of three. Fairly common and in line with the Wizkids guidelines. The thing is; the standard of play in my local meta is what I would describe as “thoughtful & steady”, which generally means that rounds hit the time limit during the second game of the match up more often than not because we’re slower players.


We generally don’t see many “rush” teams and most of the regular players (including myself) enjoy playing more mid-tier builds that are created around themes or quirky ideas, because that’s what we find fun to play. But this doesn’t lend itself as well to the standard format as they take longer to get going and rarely fit three games into the 45 minute limit.

That doesn’t entirely explain my high number of ties though, so couple that with…

I’m Slow on the Uptake

I can usually build a pretty decent team, and seek advice whenever I can to make sure the build is solid and can handle most of the challenges it may face. However, my ability as a pilot is a different matter, because, as the heading suggests, I’m sometimes a bit slow on the uptake.

I always make sure I strengthen my teams with protective support cards to secure my Win condition and to defend from my opponent’s Win condition. But the problem is that I take too long, particularly in the first game, to make good use of those cards. I never buy the die I need in time, or churn it through my bag quick enough, or even, completely neglect to buy the “saving grace” die. And inevitably my opponent wins that first game despite all my best laid plans.


In the second game it’s a different story. I’m more on the ball and have learnt from the mistakes of the first game. I do buy the dice I need in time to eliminate that pest from the first game, or line up the protection I need to drive my lethal swing through.

And so we finish on a game a piece at time and I rack up another tie on the scoreboard.

I could definitely do with being a bit more prepared with teams before I play them, this will help. It’s not uncommon for me to build a team on my Sidekick app during my lunch-hour and chuck it together when I get home, without putting enough thought & prep into the nuts & bolts of things like early purchase order and bag management.


That’s definitely something to think about with the upcoming WKO’s: a clear opportunity to aggregate some marginal gains to improve my performance and better achieve.

It would only really require some small, yet meaningful changes to my approach to reduce the number of my tied rounds. Some better prep, a little ‘Devil’s Advocate’ work to think my reactive play through more, and some brushing up on my decision making to quicken my play speed.

I’ve got just two weeks to work on this before my first WKO so wish me luck!


  1. You’re coming away with ties not losses! Don’t be too hard on yourself. Personally, it’s typically the third game for me where I realise my mistakes. Best of five, anyone?? My prediction for the new “first player” ruling: an effective one/two drop character (or BAC?) for that first purchase takes on a little extra significance if you’re only rolling three dice; it will no longer be optional, in case the “curse of the dodgy roll” strikes… Though to be honest it’s been some time since I’ve faced a team without Hellblazer or Elf-Thief or, more typically, both!

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