Just a Week until my first WKO of the Season and I’m Having a Wobble…

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If you take a glance at the sidebar on the right of the page you’ll see the countdown timer until the WKO Regional at Chimera Games in Nottingham. It’s not the first scheduled to take place in the U.K. (There are two that have taken place this weekend in Scotland & down on the South Coast – keep your eyes peeled for some upcoming guest posts from attendees of those events) but it is the first of two this season I have purchased tickets for.

I’ve been practicing and tinkering with ‘Lantern Ring – Limited Only by Imagination’ and have played a number of variants over the last few weeks to test them out. I’ve whittled my options down to a shortlist of potential teams, but at this stage I’m indecisive as to which one to go for.


I’m utterly terrified of the Bard and ‘Vicious Struggle’. I’v got some counters in both teams for the Bard, but have played a few aggro teams lately and, while the counters work, it totally slows me down and I get bogged down with prevention strategies and don’t get on with my own Win Con. I’ve read up on ‘Vicious Struggle’ builds and listened to podcasts discussing it untold times and have concluded that I just simply can’t bend my head around it. They are definitely both cards I have limited experience playing against, and so they’ve got me feeling nervous.


I’ve been keeping a close eye on the tournament reports & team lists coming out of these earlier WKO’s and will admit; even after all these weeks of practicing with & tuning a handful of ‘Lantern Ring’ teams for the shortlist I’m definitely having a wobble and have considered changing direction altogether with just a week until the event. I even thought about just digging out my old ‘Johnny Swarm’ list from Nationals the other day and possibly tuning it up with some newer cards.

Half Elf Bard

This way madness lies, of course, and a last minute switch would set me up for fail more so than sticking with one of my practiced teams, especially when one of my key reflections from my last post (found HERE) was to get quicker on the uptake by being more prepared and having the nuts & bolts of how my team plays better considered.

The thing is: I’m really into this game because I find it fun, but am seriously concerned I may be setting myself up for a bit of a miserable time. I’m a positive dude, but it’s hard to stay positive in the face of the lute playing Goliath. I’m concerned that I don’t really have much in place to defend against the Bard at all.

So – the strategy is simple and the same as it always is: reach out to the Hive mind and get some feedback on the shortlist of teams I’ve been considering. Once again: the Dice Masters community is awesome and I know that there will be a queue of people more than happy to offer some feedback & advice. In fact; I know it for certain; as I type this I’ve got a handful of advice coming in over Reddit & Facebook in other Windows across my desktop.


Wish me luck – I’ve got just a week to go!

So… tell me, good reader, have you ever had these types of wobbles? Ever made a last minute change in direction that you regret, or won you the day? Am I just being a wet head, and should just get in there & enjoy myself? Let me know in the comments below…




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  1. Stay strong! Keep in mind that for about a year folks were terrified of Tsarina and/or Gobby. Seldom seen these days. They were super-rare (and super-expensive) and at least Bard is a starter set card. A dirt-cheap team can be really competitive these days. Surely a good thing for the game? There is every chance Bard will be banned/restricted before a counter is available, so maybe enjoy playing with him while you can? As I’ve said to you in the past though: I have a similar hang-up with Green Goliath, and point-blank refuse to build teams round him.

    As for Vicious Struggle: totally with you on that one. I cannot cope with the maths of that BAC. It is a separate game that is happening concurrently with the actual dice game going on in front of you. My face? The melting Nazi at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Maybe that’s what’s required for the Bard problem: we need our Top Men working on it…

    Top. Men.


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