Special Guest Post: Ben Said Scott, UK Midland Regional WKO Re-Cap

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Good day fine readers!

More juicy UK WKO coverage for your pleasure – we have yet another Special Guest Post from the current UK National Champ: Ben Said  Scott.

Ben was also in attendance at the Midlands Regional held at Chimera Games and here he provided his overview of the day’s games and shares some of his thoughts on the teams that were there.



Another Sunday, another WKO.

WKO Fall 2016

This time in Nottingham, at the wonderful Chimera games. First and foremost before we get into the ins and outs of the day I really do want to praise the handling of the day by the store. It ran really smoothly, effectively and most importantly with good humour and friendliness. They are obviously a store that is used to running events and it was excellent.
Their efficiency certainly was important as 32 people were expected to attend.

The Team:

Having already secured the WKO prizes in Southampton my main goal was to try and run something I have fun playing, while giving everyone I met a decent game. So having never had a chance to play a Gobby team at a tournament I decided to run an old classic.


As follows, the team was:

  • Constantine –Hellblazer
  • S.T.A.R. Labs – Advanced Research
  • Green Goblin – Gobby
  • Oni – Greater Giant
  • Beholder – Lesser Aberration
  • Prismatic Spray – Lesser Spell
  • Storm – Wind-Rider
  • Blue-Eyes White Dragon – Monstrous Dragon
  • Blink-Transmutation
  • Monster Reborn

I have been running the core of this team for a little while now as a fun team. The Gobby/Storm/BEWD combo is one that can be super effective – particularly with the S.T.A.R. Lab global giving me sidekicks – and for the event I just added a few things to try and protect myself from some of the more meta teams.

With Imprisoned being a hugely popular dice right now Oni was an auto include. I could’ve put in my normal go to Breaker, but decided that I would try out Oni instead.

I also needed something to deal with Hellblazer otherwise I wouldn’t be able to field Gobby or Storm for any effect. I normally run with the rare Cold Gun in this team to deal with this, but I decided that Spray would be a better include. Not only does it deal with Hellblazer it also gives me a means of disrupting any PXG ramp that I might see.


In my two cost spots I normally run the uncommon Alfred and the rare Mary Jane, but I normally combo them with my Red Eyes B Dragon, who I decided not to use; The combo is great, but I didn’t feel like it was fast enough to be really important. Instead I put in a Hellblazer, because stopping DWiz is an important factor in the meta, and the global using Beholder to enable me to use some globals for free and bypass the pain-in-the-butt Oracle.

As for the actions: I love Monster Reborn, it or Transfer Power have my favourite action effect. I also normally have Fighting, to help me clear the field with Red Eyes B. Dragon. Without Red Eyes though Fighting is not that useful, so I decided to put in Blink for the global, which would give me a bit of Bard protection.

 The Tournament, Swiss Rounds:

Game 1 vs Dante
This game started off badly for Dante and didn’t get much better. Dante was running a villains team which used Toad to force his opponents characters to attack and the rest of the team to control what I was going to do. However something caught my eye, he was running the common Doctor Light, the one that KO’s level 1 villains. I looked over his team again making sure I didn’t miss anything he wanted to KO or any villain maker globals. He didn’t have any. So I was curious why he had included it, I asked him, he looked down at the card and his head slumped. He had brought the WRONG CARD!!! He had meant to bring the rare to deny all sidekicks dealing him damage.


The second problem Dante had was not having any 2 cost characters. He had not had time to play much using the new first turn rule and really had no successful way of going first. Having those two problems straight off the bat made the games difficult for Dante and I was able to rush through dealing damage to him with Gobby, and fending off his Toad with some Spray. He tried to get up to Dormmamu to stop the Spray but he couldn’t get up to it quick enough. So I took both games.

Record: 1-0-0

Game 2 vs Charlotte Robertson

Charlotte was running a heavy Flying Sidekicks team, with a Bard and Wong to give her a massive punch. Luckily I had a strategy for dealing with an opponent fielding sidekicks, and this is where Storm really thrives. Buying two of the Storms as quick as I could was top priority. However with Charlotte’s Res global she was also getting her game pieces in play. Luckily I was able to make some crazy draws, including pulling two Storms from a possible 6 dice. This was a crucial turn and I managed to roll a couple of her sidekicks, her Oracle and her Bard; I had done enough damage with Storm that I was able to swing through and get her to 0.

Storm Wind Rider

The second game went in a much similar vein, though Charlotte started a lot brighter, getting Wong and three sidekicks out on turn 3. She didn’t attack however and I managed to get Storm out again to do some damage, with Beholder using BEWD and Res to bypass her Oracle.

Record: 2-0-0
Game 3 vs Jonathan Ellis

Like Charlotte, Johnny had travelled from Norwich for the event. And I’ve got to say I’m very jealous of the Norwich scene. DiceMasters is going really strong there and I heard from various people that anyone from Norwich gave them a tough game.

Johnny was no exception to that. He was running a similar team to my national’s team, Bard/ Imprisoned, but instead of PXG he was using Rip Hunter’s Chalkboard which enabled him to get things out faster and win quicker. With Oracle and Elf Thief used to oppress my own use of his RHCB I was forced to go for a Beholder which gave me some much needed ramp and I managed to stabilize. I bought two of his Imprisoneds and at one point had captured two of his Bards, an Oracle, a Theif and a Gnome Ranger as well as a few sidekicks.

Half Elf Bard

Unfortunately for me I just couldn’t get 20 damage through because Johnny was able to get a wall of Golems out. I was pretty stuck, because if any of his characters were released from Imprisoned I would lose, and I had no way of chipping Johnny down in damage because any time I would have fielded Storm or Gobby, I would have done damage to him and released my Imprisoning dice.

As a result it was only a matter of time before Johnny got enough on the board to deliver the killer blow. That finally came in turn 3 of time. 1-0 to Johnny and god I was mad that it happened that way. But boy did he deserve it.

Record 2-0-1

Game 4 vs Ben Duggan

Ben vs Ben. Ben was running a mask ring control team using Morphing Jar and Katanna to get some cheap masks onto the field, and used PXG to ramp through quickly. He was very aggressive with his attacking, using characters I wouldn’t normally attack with (Oracle and Lyssa Drak) to do damage with the ring as quickly as possible. Luckily I was just able to ping him off quick enough using Gobby and Storm to do damage, while using Beholder and Spray to ignore his attempts at controlling me.


The second game was a little closer, Ben this time went for Raven, which would nullify my Storm. He also began using the Blink global we had both brought in order to keep his controlling characters on the field. Again, unfortunately for Ben, Gobby was just a bit faster than Ring and I managed to get another win.

I’d also like to shout out Ben for being brave enough to put in a White Lantern in his team. White Lantern Sinestro could have really hurt me if Ben had actually managed to purchase it!

Record 3-0-1


With that record I was through to the top 8 qualifiers. Honestly it was more than I was expecting, and I would really have loved to draft, but it looked like I’d have to continue.

Top 8 vs Charlotte Robertson

And so we meet again. Charlotte this time was better prepared for me. The first game went much the same way of the previous matches. Storm was doing me wonders vs the wall of sidekicks and I had enough to swing.

The second game went much better for Charlotte. She managed to get a Bard and Falcon out quickly, and despite being able to delay her briefly using Hellblazer eventually she just wrecked me. We probably should’ve worked out damage, because with Wong, Mary Jane, Oracle, Alfred, Falcon, Bard and a bunch of sidekicks the damage would have been ridiculous.


So it went down to a deciding match. What happened next was unforgiveable. I went first and rolled three sidekicks. Turn two I rolled a sidekick and three energy, with one bolt. Turn three the same again, one sidekick and three energy with one bolt. What was I meant to do? The memories came flooding back to me. Five sidekick on the field and some Gobby’s in my bag, the game didn’t last long. Charlotte just didn’t have any way of getting rid of my sidekick, so it was just about me being able to roll the Green Goblin enough times, which I did.

Record: 4-0-1

Top 4 vs Michael Power

Michael was the dude of the day. He had won every game up to this point with what seemed relative ease, every time I looked up he was finished with his game. He was using a Beholder team that could trigger two different actions when attacking, his choice was Imprisoned and Frontline. I’d only heard briefly of this team from the Reserve Pool podcast, and hadn’t thought much about it. Unfortunately, for me, Michael had, and he’d got it down. Using Parallax, BEWD, RHCB and PXG in able to guarantee an early Beholder he could swing through for massive damage quickly.


The first game went pretty well for Michael and I only saw one way to delay his win con any. Turn two came around and he bought his win con. However I manager to get out Hellblazer and buy an Imprisoned, so that I could keep the Beholder in the field and next turn capture it. It worked like a charm and I was able to hang in there for a few turns. Unfortunately the same thing that had happened against Johnny had happened here. My inability to do damage without freeing up Michael’s win condition basically had me hosed, and Michael managed to buy an Imprisoned and a Breaker and take out my Hellblazer and free up his own dice. I could’ve had delayed him some more with a Blink global but really it was all a bit futile. 1-0.

The second game was closer in life total but not really in outcome. Rather than try and delay his win con I just decided to try and Gobby rush him. It was fun and got Michael down to 8 or so life, but it was nowhere near fast enough against a team that can hit you in one shot.

BOOF! That was me out for the count.

Final record: 4-0-2


As I said earlier, I was pretty happy to be competitive enough to get through to the knock out rounds without using one of the current meta teams.

Final Thoughts:

The one thing that pleased me most about the whole event (aside from a whole day of dicemastering) was the variety and depth to what teams were brought to the tournament. There were a lot of sidekick teams, a lot of AvX favourites – I heard a great deal about one Human Torch burn team in particular, and some energy oppression teams. It was a good mix, and two non-Bard teams in the top four (in fact there were only two Bards in the top 8) is a good sign that the meta isn’t as stale as I thought.

As for my own team: I am a big fan of what the Beholder does vs Oracle, and when I did play against people who had brought Rip Hunters Chalkboard being able to trigger BEWD and RHCB in one go was as good as using PXG. It’s definitely a ramp mechanic I will be looking at in the future.

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