Iron Man & War Machine Starter Set Spoiler Review

Spoilers! We love spoilers, and what a spoiler-tastic weekend it’s been!

Word on the upcoming ‘Iron Man & War Machine’ starter set & the ‘TMNT: Heroes in a Half Shell’ set broke this weekend in the form of an unboxing videos from ‘Graphic Policy’. Thanks guys!

I’ve taken a little time to look them over tonight and have some initial thoughts on the ‘Iron Man & War Machine’ set. Just “immediate reaction”/”first impression”.

For those who are yet to see the unboxing vid here it is:

As usual – the wonder that is PK2317 set to work on screen capping the cards for us all to take a closer look & obsess over. Thanks once again Paul for all your hard work. You can find the screen shots on his Imgur page here:

On to my thoughts…

“Suit Up” Keyword

‘Suit Up’ is a new keyword and allows you to KO a named character die to immediately field your just purchased die with the ‘Suit Up’ keyword.


In the first instance – I love how on point it is with the Iron Man & War Machine theme.

Secondly – while I haven’t put much thinking time into it yet – there’s definitely something scratching away at the back of my mind that’s telling me that fact it is a KO mechanic makes it curious. I’ve not used many ‘Iron Man’ cards in the past (nor have I used ‘Pepper Potts’, ‘Rescue’ or ‘Iron Spider’ for that matter) but intend on looking back over some older cards to see if there’s an interesting KO or ‘When Fielded’ synergy hidden away somewhere that could make for a fun Casual Unlimited combo.

Finally – anything that lets you expedite the fielding of a just purchase character is worth taking a look at. Greater minds than mine will certainly have figured out its cost efficiency and what not, but I will need to get a hands on feel to see if it carries value.

It’ll be fun to play around with nonetheless, and I will be eager to see if it evolves further in new sets.

‘Howard Stark – Expert Businessman’ Character

Of the entire starter set this card was the one that stood out to me as having some real juice.


I’m looking forward to getting this fella used. I’m imagining he has the potential to produce a pretty nasty & efficient lethal swing inside the Flying Sidekick archetype or the new emerging Grodd Overcrush archetype.

I love cards like this that have everything they need all in one place and can satisfy the conditions of their game-text without relying on anything else (like needing a BEWD or a ‘Golem’ to KO)

I’ll be surprised if I don’t see him knocking around on some teams.

Re-Printed Basic Action Cards

Set rotation has been looming around Dice Masters since Wizkids indicated it was their intention to introduce it some time “in the future”, and many are speculating that the number of re-printed Basic Action cards seems to be a indicator of its impending arrival. (Even more so, as the TMNT box set is ripe with re-printed BACs too)


It definitely crossed my mind the moment I saw them, and I’m clearly not alone – Facebook, Reddit & The Reserve Pool feature heavily many players with the same thought.

I’ve not written about it much, but at this point I’m not much of a fan of the idea of set rotation just yet. While I’m not naive to the “stale meta” I only think that effects the highest level of play, and it doesn’t have any impact on my regular Tuesday & Friday night Casuals with the crew down the FLGS. I also think it’s too early to, in effect, de-value the investment I’ve made into the game. It’s too young at two years to be talking this way. Part of the fun of a new set release for me is going over the old sets and seeing if there’s been a theme expanded on, a new twist on an archetype, or a new combo that might make use of a dusty card.

In any case, regardless of my feelings on the subject, the reprints in this set make it definitely feels like the Set Rotation announcements coming.

‘Hypervelocity’ Basic Action

This bad boy stood out to me when I read it. It just seems to be a BIG card.


I don’t think it’s a meta-changer, but the idea of losing two life unless you attack, for both players, could make for quite the fun casual team. I’ve been rattling around a life gain idea in the back of my brain for a wee while now, but it lacked any offensive push, which this may just give it.

Something to try, anyway.


So, there we go, my initial reaction to the Iron Man & War Machine starter set spoilers.

Is there anything that stands out to you?

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