Constructed Event Re-Cap, Element Games, 8th Jan 

It was a busy weekend in the UK for Dice Masters; looking at the UK based Facebook page there was registered events scheduled to take place all over the country.

I attended one such an event at one of my FLGS’ – Element Games – on Sunday.

There were ten players in attendance, and it was a nice mix of locals, a few visiting friends from round and about, and some new blood too.

It was an Unlimited Constructed format and we were to play four, forty-five minute rounds, “first to two”.

Most of us had met and played together before, so the atmosphere was warm & jovial as we all arrived & got settled in. I had some very special, alt-art prize cards and some BritRollerSix ‘merchandise’ to contribute to the prize pool and I showed them around to the gathered players to much “oooooh”s and “aaaaaaaah”s of anticipation & excitement.

Once everyone had arrived & we’d got them loaded up on WIN, the pairing were called and we set to it. Here’s how it went for me…

My Team

Here’s the team list I played:

  • Big Entrance (WOL) – Basic Action Card
  • Cone of Cold (BFF) – Basic Action Card
  • Gorilla Grodd™ (GATF) – Force of Mind, 2
  • Human Paladin (BFF) – Lesser Emerald Enclave, 2
  • Goblin (FUS) – Lesser Humanoid, 4
  • Constantine (JL) – Hellblazer, 2
  • Oni (FUS) – Greater Giant, 2
  • Storm (AVX) – Wind-Rider, 3
  • Lady Bullseye (DP) – Speed, Grace, Precision, 4
  • Blue-Eyes White Dragon (YS1) – Monstrous Dragon, 1

The plan was simple – ramp up with Swarming ‘Goblin’ die to make the ‘Gorilla Grodd’ purchase, then buy up ‘Lady Bullseye’ to use her game text, along with ‘Cone of Cold’ global, to deliver lethal blows through Overcrush damage.

‘Storm’ and ‘Blue Eyes White Dragon’ are there as a repeatable removal option, with some added ramp in there as a bonus. ‘Oni’, ‘Human Paladin’ and ‘Constantine’ for a bit of meta-protection.

Round One – Loss

My first round was against Joe, who was playing a Mask Control team made up of cards like ‘Raven – Azeroth, Metrion, Zinthos!’, ‘Oracle – Master Investigator’, ‘Lyssa Drak – Future Sight’, ‘Zatanna – Inverted Incantations’, ‘Storm – Wind Rider’ and ‘Elf Theif – Lesser Harper’.


Joe’s strategy was simple but effective: he quickly clocked my targeted effects so picked up ‘Raven’ early doors and then grabbed ‘Lyssa Drak’ to apply some Control pressure and make my decisions difficult.

‘Raven’ was particularly challenging as it locked out the rinse & repeat strategy of using the “when fielded” effects of ‘Lady Bullseye’ and ‘Storm’. I had no real way of getting rid of her.

I took some early hits off ‘Lyssa Drak’s’ game text too. I needed ‘Grodd’ on the scene but couldn’t get a ‘Goblin’ in the field to kick off the ramp mechanic needed to afford ‘Grodd’ without paying the ‘Lyssa Drak’ tax. I tried to make use of Joe’s ‘Prof X’ for ramp but his ‘Elf Theif’ and ‘Zatanna’ took good care of any Mask energy I had saved.

The control was too much, I couldn’t get much done, and eventually Joe whittled me away with damage from ‘Zatanna’ and ‘Storm’.


We racked up for our second game on limited time available. We were playing “highest life at time” so I rushed some early purchases through in the hope of getting some early combat damage in, but Joe was immediately on top of my strategy and grabbed his ‘Lyssa Drak’ to tax my fielding and ‘Raven’ to protect his blockers.

Despite his purchases It came down to one last turn turn each and my strategy had paid off; I had enough in the field to attack and have an excess of characters to push some damage through for the win. That was, sadly, until Joe took his last turn and rolled a bucket tonne of Mask energy, which he duly fed into his ‘Distraction’ to halt my onslaught. I cursed myself for not getting my ‘Human Paladin’ out and ended my last go at time.


The early ‘Lyssa’ tax had paid off for Joe and he won the second game on life.

I had lost my first match.

Round Two – Loss

Next up I was playing Duncan, who was using a good old fashioned ‘Guy Gardner – Blinding Rage’ aggro team, with support from ‘Lyssa Drak – Future Sight’, ‘Miri Riam – Beacon in the Dark’ and ‘Justice – New Warrior’ for some extra muscle.

Duncan went full out aggro in the first game, moving swiftly with a first turn ‘Big Entrance’ then filling his bag second turn with his 2 cost army.

I picked up my ‘Constantine’ to try & slow him down and some weenies of own to serve as blockers, however, a combination of bad rolls on my part (‘Constantine’ did not want to come & play) and Duncan using ‘Miri Riam’s’ game-text to great effect meant he was able overwhelm my defences with painful efficiency.

I slowed him down a bit with my ‘Blink Transmutation’ global and the handful of blockers I could rustle up over the new few turns but it just simply wasn’t enough and I was done for; Duncan hammered away with his ‘Justice’ & ‘Guy Gardner’ die and, despite all my best efforts, he overwhelmed me in short order and took a win in the first game.

The second game went a bit better, but I still lost. I had the first turn this time so was able to get my field populated with a few good blockers before that first onslaught of ‘Guy Gardner’ die.

I also got around to purchasing a ‘Storm’ die, which I rotated around a few times and used to try and keep Duncan’s Sidekick count down, therefore taking a little bit of sting off hid ‘Justice’ die.

Still; all this focus on slowing down Duncan’s Win Condition meant I was completely ignoring my own. For example; I found myself rolling to field my ‘Goblin’ die to be blockers instead of using them to go shopping for ‘Grodd’ die.

Duncan relentless smashed away at me with his cheap, but big, weenies until eventually enough windows of opportunity turned up for him to get the damage through he needed.

That was both games to Duncan, and my second loss of the event.

Round Three – Win

Onto round three, keeping my chin up, to play Dante. Dante’s team was centred around an interesting new combo he’d found in the new Deadpool set using ‘Black Bolt – King of the Inhumans’ and ‘Medusa – Bad Hair Day’ to open up the field to let his other attackers through.


I knew weakening those two characters was key, so I bought up my ‘Constantine’ and ‘Lady Bullseye die first with the aim of getting into a pattern of holding one of the combo at bay a turn with ‘Constantine’ then KO’ing them with ‘Lady Bullseye’s’ force block effect.

And that was exactly the groove I got into. (Which, incidentally, was the groove the team was supposed to get into, despite this being my third game yet first time the strategy happened!) Once I had got his Win Con under control I turned my attention to the Swarm ramp and buying a ‘Grodd’ to make ‘Lady Bullseye’ even more devastating.

With a little bit of ‘Storm’ damage in the mix too, I grinded it out with my own combo and, after some number of turns, eventually took lethal.


The first game had taken quite some time; about 30 minutes, so we racked up for the second game knowing it was a bit of a race to finish on highest life.

This mainly meant that an early turn good hit with a ‘Lady Bullseye’ was all it took to win me the second game at time, and therefore the round.

I had won my first round of the day, and so far was at 1w – 0t – 2l.

Round Four – Win

My final round of the day was against Simon, who had brought a ‘Spider-Man – Webslinger’ team, paired up with cards like  ‘Shannon Carter – Captain America of Earth 81223’, ‘Beast – Bouncing Blue Beast’, and ‘Ant-Man – Biophysicist’ to provide a muscle-y weenie army.


Simon bought up his ‘Spider-Man’ good an early and began to fill his field with Sidekicks.  I followed my own strategy carefully; buying up my ‘Goblin’ die to get the Swarm ramp going and a ‘Storm’ to run interference with Simon’s field. Once the the Swarm brought good levels of spend I went for my  ‘Grodd’.

I was still pretty twitchy about Simon’s ‘Spider-Man’ camped out in the field. No matter how many times I fielded ‘Storm’ & targeted him with her ability Si managed to re-roll a character face. However, I wasn’t enormously concerned just yet – ‘Storm’ was still earning her way by keeping the rest of the field down, and ‘Spider-Man’ needs friends to be painful.

Once ‘Grodd’ landed I was able to deliver a lethal blow and take the first game.

We set to the second game and I followed the same strategy as before – get an early ‘Storm’ bought, load up on ‘Goblin’ die, buy ‘Grodd’, and swing.

My ‘Storm’ die must have decided to make up for the previous game because this time she was the MVP. Every two characters targeted were successfully removed, delivering a not insubstantial four damage and getting them lost in the Used Pile. Every time Simon fielded some characters I would KO ‘Storm’ ready to be rolled the next turn and do her thing again. After three turns in a row of this happening, ‘Grodd’s’ little army of Overcrushing ‘Goblins’ had a pretty easy job to do.

It was all over for Simon soon enough and I had won my second game, and the round overall.

Wrap Up

I ended the day coming sixth overall. Joseph, who I had played in the first round, took the top spot and took his place on the coveted Element Games Winner’s Throne…


A well deserved win with that pain in the ass Mask Control team! LOL

It had been a great day of Dice Mastering and I believe everyone enjoyed themselves. I most certainly did. I always especially enjoy playing with individuals outside of my own regular play group; so was very grateful to Ben, Joe, Dan, and Dante for making the effort to travel to Element Games to join us.

the next big event in the diary coming up for me is the WKO at Fanboy 3 on the 5th March, so I’m gonna have some fun with some casual teams for the rest of January at the Element Games Tuesday Night Casual and then start thinking on a WKO team in February. In the meantime; keep your eye out on the this blog for guest coverage of the other WKO events across the UK through February.

Also – if anyone is interested in commissioning the Little Miss Roller Six’s talents for some exclusive alt-art cards of their own then give me a shout!

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