I’m Number One in the UK Right Now! And Tenth in the World!

Every Wednesday morning, wherever I am, when the ‘WIN Activity Digest’ arrives, I am straight onto the Leaderboards to see where I am.

I’ve written about it before (HERE) and described the little buzz I get from ranking on the boards. We have two Dice Masters nights at the FLGS round the corner, Element Games, on Tuesdays & Fridays, and Tuesday night is specifically our formal event night (Friday is for just casual, ad hoc play). This is quite timely, as the board updates shortly after we’ve played, and the enjoyment of the guilty pleasure is enhanced by seeing just last night’s results impact my position.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I got the e-mail, logged into WIN, and discovered that I was currently 10th in the World and 1st in the UK! Go me!

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It won’t last, of course, I’m just reveling in it for as long as I can. Deep down I know this is simple a case of circumstance; I have had the opportunity to get a higher volume of play in coming out the gate of the new season running, but goddamn do I love the bragging rights, even if it is for a little while!

So – that’s all this post is really – a brief, unashamed moment of bragging because I’m buzzing off the my ranking this week.

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