Just one week to go until UK Nats…

…and I’ve got no living idea what on earth I’m going to play!

Regular readers will know I’m overdue for the “riddled with self-doubt” post by now, so here it is.

The team I used at the WKO to qualify was a ‘Colossus – Piotr Rasputin’ build. It was super-fun to play and has a lot going for it, but definitely struggles against the absolute top tier teams. A fair point was made to me that, at a 7 cost, ‘Colossus’ should be a game finisher, and often I find it takes two to three turns for the lethal blow. It’s a good team, but at the most competitive level it just ain’t gonna be fast enough. 

I do love playing the team though. Definitely suits my style…

I’ve considered just going meta; rolling out a ‘Lantern Ring’ team or giving ‘Ultraman’/’Beholder’ a go. I’ve played ‘Lantern Ring’ quite a bit, so feel comfortable with it, but have little experience with Action based ‘Beholder’ or ‘Ultraman’ teams and have limited time left for play testing.

Plus – there’s something of the renegade in me that wants to avoid playing a meta team – it’s not really something I’ve been particularly into ever with this game and, even though this is UK Nats, it’s really not something I’m inclined to consider now. It would just be… out of character. I’m pretty sure my regular readers know that. 

Which then begs the simple question; how well do I want to do?

The aforementioned meta decks are tried & tested winners for sure, piloting skills aside, and are probably the way to go if I’m playing to win. But, where’s the fun in that? As always; the attraction of Nats is the solid day’s play for me – I’ll lose all day long provided I get the games and go down fighting. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; a win isn’t where the fun lies for me, it’s the way I win (or lose) that matters. I’m definitely against winning in a way that creates a negative play experience for my opponent. To repeat myself once again; I get a buzz out of losing at time against a Meta team, I take it as a sign I’ve managed to slow them down and run good interference for 45 minutes. Who doesn’t enjoy an engaging game like that?

Writing the blog creates a certain amount of pressure. I feel that, in order to be a credible blogger on the subject of Dice Masters, that I should rank well and be a “winner” to keep my readers. This is a silly way of looking at it, I know that, but the thought creeps in and interferes with my better judgement. 

So, I suppose I know where this is going – I’ll build something I fancy playing because I believe it’ll be fun to play and fun to play against. I’ll set myself little wins (which may not include actually winning some games) and strive to go take pleasure in going down fighting each round. Because when all is said and done, that’s more important to me than winning. 

Perhaps it will be ‘Colossus’ then (I’ve played it a lot lately, so I’m well practiced with it), or maybe a debut for the Flying Ninja Allies I’ve been working on, or a ‘Lantern Ring’ team built around mono Fist or Shield energy I was experimenting with a little while back, or I could dig out my old ‘Johnny Swarm’ list for a last “hurrah” before the majority of the team rotates out. Whatever it’ll be – it’ll be designed to suit the fact I like to be different, and can handle losing all the live long day provided I enjoy my games, and everyone enjoys their games with me.

Let’s see what happens…

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