Spoiler-tastic Week!

Holy spoilers Batman – it’s been quite the week of spoilers. Seems every time I hop over to Facebook or the ‘The Reserve Pool’ forum there’s another ‘sneak peek’ preview of more upcoming stuff been posted.

As usual – I’ll find some time in the next few days to pour over them and see what stands out to me, but, in the meantime, here’s a little catch all summary of the spoilers knocking about in the last few days…

Superman & Wonder Woman Starter Set Preview by Gaming with Swag

First up – I saw this un-boxing of the new Superman & Wonder Woman Starter set from the boys over at “Gaming with Swag”.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Over on Reddit I came across this post, which included a sales sheet for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy set.

X-Men First Class Preview in Game Trade Magazine

Last up: a preview article in the Game Trader Magazine for the X-Men: First Class set. Caught this one on fellow Blogger Dice Kitty’s wall – thanks for the heads up Kat.



Enjoy! Back soon with some thoughts…

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