Custom Fan Made Dice Masters Set – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season One

I suspect that anyone who reads my
Little Dice Masters blog reads Dice Dice Kitty’s too (if you don’t – you should), but I just had to share this tremendous labour of love by Kitty: she’s built, from the ground up, an entire fan-made set around My Little Pony.

Check it out – it’s incredible – and officially makes her blog 20% cooler than mine!

An outstanding effort Kat – great job! 😎

Dice Dice Kitty

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

I’ve been dying for a My Little Pony Dice Masters set. It’s an IP that I’m fairly certain WizKids won’t ever use for Dice Masters, though I could be wrong (I hope I’m wrong). I would love to see WizKids acquire the licensing to do a set based off the new Friendship is Magic series as well as the Equestria Girls movies. Believe it or not – those movies are canon and actually really good.

But since I’m almost completely certain that there will never be an official MLP:FiM Dice Masters set, I decided to make my own. I sat down with my TMNT Donnie notebook, pencil in one hand, Netflix controller in the other and started up the first episode. I began writing character names, subtitles, ideas for abilities, energy types, etc as fast I could. By the end of my season one binge…

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