Check out the DM Retrobox card generator

Have you guys had a play with the DM Retrobox card generator? 

It’s super fun – You can check it out HERE

I was inspired by Dice Dice Kitty’s outstanding effort with her fan-made My Little Pony set (take a look HERE – it’s amazing) to have a play with it last night and made a special, Super-Rare mascot for this blog – what do you think?

I’m really impressed by it – there’s tonnes of opportunity to have some tremendous fun making cards for local, informal play. I’ve always loved stuff that is gimmicky & creative, and provides an opportunity to customise one of my favourite experiences.

I’ve seen some guys share over on The Reserve Pool site using the card generator to build some tailored cards for epic themed events based on comic book crossover occasions. One that really caught my eye, mostly because I’m a DC nerd, was this one HERE. It’s definitely an idea I plan on pitching to my playgroup down my FLGS. 

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