Wizkids Fan Appreciation Event Spoilers

I’ve woken up this morning to an inbox full of screen caps of the presentation given at Origins during the Wizkids Fan Appreciation event.

Pics were generously provided by my man on the inside; Andy England. Big day tomorrow bud!

Batman TAS Upcoming OP sets

Looks like they started out some chat around the upcoming Batman: The Animated Series OP sets, which we had already been made aware of. These look great, I’m a child of the 90s who spent a lot of time with this cartoon.

Not for nothing Wizkids (and Esdevium) if you’re reading – we’ve not seen the first set of these over here in the UK yet!

Dungeons & Dragons: Tomb of Annihilation Packs

Next up Andy fired over the D&D: Tomb of Annihilation Spoilers they showed.

I tried my best to zoom in on the pics with my iPad to get the game-texts together. They are far too blurry at a decent size, but I’ve written under each pic what I think I can discern for your pleasure. I’m sorry – I really couldn’t make out the Dice stats. šŸ˜¦

Triceratops – Epic Beast (SR)

While Triceratops is active, when an opponent fields a level 1 character, deal damage to that die equal to the A of your active Triceratops character die with the highest A.

Elf Druid – Greater Order of the Gauntlet (UC)


Attune (While this character is active, when you use an action die, deal 1 damage to target player or character die)Ā Ā 

Heist – Basic Action Card

Target opponent draws 2 dice from their bag. Place one of in that opponent’s Prep Area. Roll the other die and place it in your Reserve Pool. At the end of your turn, place the rolled die in your opponent’s Used Pile (regardless of where it is)

Amber Golem – Lesser Construct (C?)

Fabricate 2-5

When Amber Golem deals combat damage to a blocking character die, deal damage equal to that blocking character die’s A to a different opposing character die.Ā 

*I think that’s right – I had to squint quite a bit on that one.

Skeleton Key – Paragon Undead (R)

When Skeleton Key is active, it gets +1A and +1D for each Trap die in the Field Zone.

Kobold Trap – Greater Trap (UC)

TrapĀ (Place in your Field Zone when used. Send to your Used Pile when triggered)

Trigger: Your opponent fields an Adventurer character die.

Effect: Purchase one of your character die with Swarm for free and place it in your bag.

So… there’s some really interesting stuff in there. I’m really pleased to seeĀ the ‘Fabricate’ key-word get some more love, and the ‘Trap’ mechanic on the ‘Kobold Trap’ is going to be really interesting in the Draft format where the likelihood of ‘Adventurers’ being played is high. Great stuff indeed.

Guardians of the Galaxy Preview

The next batch of images tucked away in my messages from Andy were Guardians of the Galaxy set spoilers. Looks like they opened up with the standard promo brochure shot…


…but then went on to sneak peek some of the cards! Again – I’ve done my best squint-y zoom job on the iPad to try and get some game-text info together for us. Apologies again – couldn’t pin down the stat lines on anyone but ‘The Spot’. šŸ˜¦


Daisy Johnson – *Can’t make out the subtitle* (C)

Aftershock:Ā Deal 2 damage to all other character dice

Angela – Art of the Hunt (UC)

InfiltrateĀ (When this character die is unblocked, you may return this die to the Field Zone and it deals your opponent 1 damage)

Captain America – *Shrugs I’ve no idea on the subtitle* (SR)

While Captain America is active, your Sidekick dice gain +1D andĀ Infiltrate.

Ricochet – *Again, sorry, can’t make out that subtitle* (UC?)

InfiltrateĀ (When this character die is unblocked, you may return this die to the Field Zone and it deals your opponent 1 damage)

The Spot – *Sheesh – not doing well with the subtitles on this batch, am I?* (C?)

InfiltrateĀ (When this character die is unblocked, you may return this die to the Field Zone and it deals your opponent 1 damage)

Once again – loads of interesting stuff going on there. ‘Infiltrate’ is going to need some clarification right out of the gate, which saddens me a little bit. Is the 1 damage in addition to the battle damage or instead of? When is a die officially “unblocked” – will return to the Field before dealing its combat damage? Hopefully this will all be cleared up in August.

Spider-Man Maximum Carnage Team Pack

Andy also sent me over this preview of the upcoming Maximum Carnage Team Pack.


I’ve, so far, been a little unimpressed by the Team Packs, and think that of the two releases so far (‘Doctor Strange’ and ‘The Defenders’) I’ve only ever maybe used ‘Wong’ with some ongoing consistency. There’s been one key reason for that – the purchase costs.

So I’m pretty encouraged by what I can see here – look that those lovely, reasonable 4 purchase costs. Much better!

I am a little aggrieved, as a DC Nerd, that we’ve not had a themed Team pack for DC yet – how perfect would a Secret Six, Golden Age JSA and Birds of Prey set be, or a storyline set like Knightfall or Crisis on Infinite Earth? Anyway… wishlist over…

Overall Release Timetable

Last in my inbox was the summary release schedule – seen in the screen shots below.


Looks like we’ve got a pretty relentless schedule leading up to Christmas!

There we are folks – everything I’ve had come in from my intrepid reporter out in Ohio at the Origins Game Fair.

Watch this space for anymore breaking news and updates on how Andy’s been getting on as the weekend goes on. šŸ™‚

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