Guardians of the Galaxy set Spoilers

Yet more Spoiler-y goodness arrived on the internet this week, and this time it was for the Guardians of the Galaxy set.

The spoilers were provided by DMArmada in a pack opening video he put out on his YouTube channel. You can find it here – go check it out…

Then, like spoilerful mana from Heaven, Graphic Policy put their pack opening vid up on their channel. You can find that one here:

AND THEN… my good pal Dice Dice Kitty posted an unboxing video of her preview packs too. It was a SPOILERTASTIC couple of days! Check out Kitty’s vid here:

Seems like everyone gets preview product except me 😢

Subsequent to these vids, in a bid to retain his official role of Dice Masters Screen Capper – PK2317 conveniently grabbed the card images from DMArmada and Graphic Policy and popped them in a couple of handy Imgur galleries. Thanks again Paul, sterling work. Here’s the galleries:

And Dice Kitty scanned her cards in and shared them on her WordPress blog, which you can and read here:

So… lots & lots & lots of juicy new preview material for me to obsessively pour over. LOL I’ve had a look over and here are some of my initial thoughts and stand out cards…


It’s nice to see some affiliations whose current roster is a bit thin on the ground get a boost, especially when I am in a local community where Single Affiliation theme events are very popular.

The addition of some new ‘Marvel Knights’ is a welcome surprise, and I’m pleased to see SHIELD, The Avengers and (of course) the Guardians of the Galaxy themselves get some interesting stuff to play with, particularly in a Golden Age context. 

I am a little perplexed as to what they are doing with ‘Villains’. The Maximum Carnage Team pack spoilers had the red ‘V’ to indicate ‘Villain’, yet these spoilers clearly have their bad guys marked with the ‘Hydra’ symbol. It’s a bit… confusing. Hmmm…

Madame Web – The Great Web Unravels

This one stood out to me, and I anticipate lots and lots of fun team potential with this card. 

This card, in essence, will make any team of you favourite characters a potential win con, and really takes us back to some old Skool thinking around dealing twenty points of damage with good, old fashioned Combat damage. Takes me back to the good old AvX days when I was regularly trounced by ‘Spider-Man – Webslinger’ teams. 

I’m looking forward to trying a few Modern Age teams with her. For example – get a ‘Justice – New Warrior’, ‘S.T.A.R. Labs’ global, and this ‘Madame Web’ on a team and you’ve got a pretty scary, low cost team that can deal some damage mega-quick. Or perhaps drop her into a ‘Foot Ninja – Ninja Syndicate’ Ally/Sidekick team to fill the void left by the rotated out ‘Falcon – Recon’.

She’s also going to be a dominant force in Draft – she is undoubtedly going to be one to look out for, and will have some devastating potential. I’ll crack a smile if a draw this card in a draft.

Stick – Taming The Fires Within

This one probably won’t be all that strong in practice as it seems on paper right now, but it sure seems like an interesting game-text to have a play around with. He would certainly be a good counter to teams that are weenie blocking with cards like ‘Alfred – MI-5’. 

Norman Osborne – Separate Entity

I’m always interested in trying out cards that help me get to my dice quicker and, while this card is limited in comparison to ‘Rip Hunter’s Chalkboard’ Global when looking at Constructed, I will certainly be coming back to take a closer look at this guy for a potential draft pick once the full set is known and I can see whether a ‘Hydra’ draft build is viable.

We’ve only seen a handful of GoG ‘Villains’, and what we have seen is mostly the expensive stuff that you would likely not be able to afford with one extra energy to take advantage of this game-text. With Modern Age versions of ‘The Outsider’ and ‘Villainous Pact’ a ‘Villain’-centric draft team has some pretty good ramp & churn support, providing there are some more reasonably costed ‘Villains’ (especially Common or Uncommon) that might pair well with ‘Norman Osborn’ in draft.    

So while it’s caught my eye I’m tentatively reserving judgement until I’ve seen more, but am hopeful there’s some fun to be had with this guy.

Adam Warlock – The Being Known as Him

“When fielded” effects aren’t quite a strong in Modern Age, but there is stills lots of compelling synergies to be found, and in the Golden Age format this could be insane.

I’m already toying around with a few plans for this ‘Adam Warlock’ in just the short time since I’ve seen it. One thought that immediately sprung to mind was getting him paired up with the Rare ‘Firefly – Watch the World Burn’, mostly because he’s another new card I’ve been planning on building a team around and he’s at the forefront of my mind.

The possibilities are really juicy with this guy – double up your ‘Intimidate’ cards, shoot twice with ‘Huntress’/’Green Arrow’/’Hawkeye’, set your ‘Deathstroke – Weapon’s Master’ off two times over, go wild with a double-whammy ‘Storm – Windrider’ or, most insane of all, blank two characters with a single ‘Shriek – Sonic Beam’. And that’s just to point out a few combo prospects with him I can name off the top of my head. 

Going to love seeing what can be done with this guy.


There we are then. With just a small selection of spoilers already some key highlight cards. It’s looking like a set with a lot of promise and can’t wait to see more previews of the set coming down the pipeline.

What’s your stand out cards from the preview? Think I’ve missed one that’s got potential? Let me know in the comments below…

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