Podcast Companion Post – “Gearing Up” Segment Gallery & Links

*Stop – this post is a companion article to the third episode of our podcast: “The Ministry of Dice”. Jump on over to this post first, where you’ll find a link to the episode:


Hopefully now all that follows will make more sense to you! LOL


Playmats & Movement Tray

During the segment we discussed that I used the Patriot Games playmat printing service for my custom Dice Masters play mat. Here’s the link to the service:

Patriot Games Custom Play Mat service

I also mentioned for our Trans-Atlantic friends that Inked Gaming in the US do the same service over there. Here’s their deets:

Inked Gaming Custom Play Mat service

My custom mat, in all its glory and the movement tray I got made (you can see the movement tray around the border of the mat in the second piccie):

Custom Mat

The Movement Tray was custom made for me by a buddy over here in the U.K. as a one off, but it was inspired by one I saw on this Etsy page (sadly, only shipped in the US):


Andy Pointed out he was a fan of Wizkids own produced mats and this one is his favourite:

When playing competitive though Andy uses his ‘Dice Masters Premier Event’ mat given to the Dice Masters UK Nationals competitors in the 2016 event at the UK Games Expo. Eric Lang was at the convention that year, so Andy got his mat signed by the man himself:

Dice Tower, Dice Tray & Dice Cups

During the segment Andy described my Dice Tower as a “sight to behold”. Here’s a little vid I made & sent to Andy the day I bought it to show it in action…

…and here’s a link to the manufacturer’s page:


It attracts a lot of attention when you use it – passers by just love to stop at the table to have a little go LOL

Andy’s got his eye on a dice cup after seeing the dramatic flair it added to the Dice Masters World Championship final this year. To keep it dramatic (and maybe a bit intimidating) I think he should get something like this:


I’ve been a Dice Tray user for sometime prior to acquiring my sexy new Tower, which you can see being used in a game of Zombie Dice in this piccie here:

What you can’t see is that the glorious felt of my Tray has been dented through misadventure with Star Wars Destiny. That’s what happens when you play with boulder scale Fisher Price dice I suppose…

Tracking Life

We both track our life counts in different ways during games. Andy uses a digital Life Counter, which can be found here:

I’m more old skool, using the life scale across the bottom of my playmat, and have used it as yet another opportunity to nerd out with a custom acrylic counter:


Card Sleeves

With the amount of buttery crumpets and mugs of tea that accompany a game of Dice Masters round these parts a good set of card sleeves are essential for those high value Vixens in all your teams.

I, naturally, use Union Jack sleeves, to keep my Dice Master-ing good & patriotic:

Andy, keeps it nice and “retro wizard” by favouring sleeves with mustaches on them:
Dice Bags

We’re big fans of the Wizkids produced dice bags, and lament the fact they’ve not been accompanying more recent sets with new designs. 

I’ve been using, for some time now,  an Uncanny X-Men bag:

Andy’s been using the Civil War one recently:

These can be found all over the place if you Google them, and prices vary; I’ve noticed that they come around on eBay quite often at discount prices.

Here’s the link to the Inked Gaming custom bag service I mentioned:

And I’d recommend checking out Etsy for some custom bag options too – loads of creative types on there. Shipping from a lot of these services to the UK can be quite expensive, but our US listeners might find something at a more reasonable price.


There we go folks – I hope this helps you out in your search for accessorises if anything from our chatter tickles your fancy. 

What are some of your favourite accessories? How do you bling your game? Let us know in the comments below…

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