Andy’s Q Branch – Historical Figures & a “27 Club” Team Pack

Hi folks,

This post comes from my podcasting partner-in-crime Andy. After having so much fun developing his “Historical Figures” IP idea on the podcast, Andy thought he’d go a step further and put together some example cards for your entertainment.



Following on from the Historical Figures Dice Masters segment during the second episode of The Ministry of Dice podcast; I thought I’d have a go at creating some of the sample cards we discussed. If you haven’t heard it yet, click on the link below and listen now!

To make the cards I have used the DM Retrobox Card a generator tool. (Which you can find HERE) The card creator is awesome, I think I’m going to have great fun with this now I’ve discovered it 🙂

First up I have built Henry VIII, with a proper kingly portrait as the artwork. I think his game text is pretty thematic too.

Next is another King, this time the Elvis flip card. Unsurprisingly; I struggled to find an image of him on the toilet, but still think it came out kinda cool.

Then onto the Trump card (I can’t believe I missed out on such a good pun in the podcast). I couldn’t work out how to put more than one symbol on for his purchase cost so went with a Fist.

Using the card generator was so much fun I thought I’d try my hand at doing a team pack using Chris’ idea of the “27 Club”. Initially I was going to try and make it just funny, but ended up getting quite into it, and attempted to try and make the team pack work well together and synergise.

First thing first, I needed to find out who was in the “27 Club” and pick some characters. I hit Wikipedia like a boss, and decided on:

Any Winehouse – knew who she was

Kurt Cobain – knew him too

Jimmy Hendrix – he’s well famous

Jim Morrison – kinda heard of him, did some research he’s proper famous too

Janis Joplin – I’d heard of her, although I thought it was a bloke to be honest

Freaky Tah – no idea who he is, but what a name

There are others in the “27 Club”, but I decided I’d do a couple of action cards/dice instead.

The characters all have being a musician in common, so they can all have that affiliation. Easy. They are inspirational characters in their field, however they were also very self destructive in nature. This gave me a really interesting angle to consider when developing the game-texts; I wanted to reflect their great talents as well as the harmful impact the celebrity lifestyle on them, including their sad and untimely deaths at the age of 27. 

I’ve also tried to emulate a Team Pack, or at least how I think a Team Pack should be (I’ll share more thoughts on that in a dedicated post) and get some nice synergy going between the cards.

Broadly: I tried to show their inspirational nature by giving buffs and advantages to each other, with a modicum of direct damage, however I also tried to counter that by reflecting their self-destructive nature with game-texts that cause themselves damage or need them to be KOed to initiate. I think the KO King over on the Double Burst podcast would love this team lol.

I’m not a games designer, so I’ve no idea if it’s balanced or not, originally I was only looking to make some funny dead celebrity cards (that looks so wrong written down). Let me know what you think – take a look…

If you have any good/funny/interesting suggestions for Historical Figures Dice Masters cards then let us know in the comments. Even better; make some with the cards creator and send them to us. If we get a good response, we’ll read them out on the podcast and give you a shout out.

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