Ministry of Dice Episode 8 “Salty about Shriek”

The Ministry of Dice returns with yet another slice of audio pleasure to fill your ear holes.

It’s a jam-packed episode in store for you this week: we’ve got a “Community Focus” that discusses the recent news of the Wizkids/Games Workshop, some purchasing recommendations for Dice Masters players just starting out, our first Agony Aunt segment, a pick of the week, and a bit of meta debate about Shriek (well… less a meta debate and more about my whinging LOL) whew! One hell of an episode for y’all, I’m sure you agree!

Go check it out here:

As you’ve hopefully just heard: we announced the winner of last episode’s competition, and I kept a little photo journal of the draw, as I kicked it old Skool by literally drawing from a hat…

Congratulations Mr Bozilla – fire a note over to Andy (aka The Artist) with your address and he’ll get your special, home-made alt-art “Hulk Out” sent across to you.

Thanks for listening folks – as always we welcome feedback & comments in the comments section below. 🙂


Legal Bits

United Kingdom: God Save the Queen by National Anthems is licensed under a Creative Commons License. It was sourced from a Soundcloud account entitled “National Anthems”. The name of the creator/creators has not been provided on that account. The license can be found here:

The Dice transition sound effect was sourced from The account it was downloaded from is “dermotte” and is shared under the following license:

Our tremendous ‘Rule Britannia’ intro is used with permission from Richard Campbell and is a short extract from his “England Rock Anthems” track. We think Richard’s work is exceptional. So visit Richard’s website here for more of his music:


  1. Just caught the episode. The anti-Shriek sentiment was so on point that I will overlook my initial disappointment in the lack of profanity.

    I agree with you 100%. I am beside myself with the trap of what this card is doing to team building and game play. The tit for tat game can occasionally be tactically interesting, but overall it just slows everything down. You nailed it when you identify that a major factor in this is how easy this die is to get, field, and apply. Shriek undercuts the work that used to be required by most previous blanking or cannot field cards (Loki and Joker were 5 costs, Constantine required some guesswork and timing, Kryptonite and Prismatic Spray had to be timed correctly and only lasted a turn, etc.). Shriek is cheap, blanks a card not just a die, and takes effect immediately upon fielding. She is an auto-include on any competitive team, which dilutes theme, variety, etc. And as you point out, once you start team building to counter her, you end up losing too many slots. In messing around with XFC teams, I’ve already caught myself brewing 6 character teams, with an assumption that I have to have at least 2 Shriek related cards on any given team. I hate this, because I love themed teams, and I also love win conditions that rely on synergy between multiple characters.

    tl;dr: Rant seconded.

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    1. I can only apologise for the lack of profanity. I’ll try harder next time. LOL

      Pffft. Shriek. I’ve got a WKO coming Sunday and Shriek is still not on my team. Sadly though, I can see myself caving & chucking her in last minute…


  2. Another fantastic episode gents! And I’m not just saying that because I was name dropped 2 or 3 times ;D a big thanks for the new started segment! I’ll take on board what you guys have suggested with gusto and will let you know how I get on. Got to say my highlights from this week, outside of the elements that stroked my ego, were the misadventures of the MI6 branch of the MOD and that super cute section at the end with true little miss six. She needs her own weekly segment!

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  3. …as for one of the games (possibly THE game?) that set off the Shriek rant: sounded like a very familiar match to my ears!! Apologies Chris if it was that game that set off your subsequent crystallisation into an Emma Frost-style salt crystal. I think she’ll be around for a good while yet (maybe a ban, one week before nationals…?) so look on the positive side: she’s a villain who adds to your total Nobby damage, then Cold-Gun her off. She’s in my team coz it’s soooo slow that I need forty minutes to play out the control elements, before hoping for a win with seconds to go. It’s how all top-tier teams play these days, doncha know. Enjoyable podcast as ever! PS Revelling in the dice cup usage, thanks to Andy’s top tip. Oooh the drama and …………………anticip…………ation.

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