That Dirty Shriek Feeling

In the lead up to WKOs I’ve been tinkering and toying with some team ideas, and after every play session find myself fine tuning here & there. I’m basically, right now, trying to mash together the best bits of two teams (reckon imma gonna need two WIN conditions), but am not quite feeling right with it all.

So, I often IM chat with the MOD crew. We were chatting about such podcast things like a Christmas themed logo for December and recording interviews at the WKOs when the conversation veered off a little bit onto my procrastinations & tribulations in tinkering my team.

I thought it was funny, so I screen capped a short section to share with you all because I thought it was funny…


I never played ‘Bard’, I resisted playing ‘Elf Thief’, and kept my PXG to a minimum, but I think ‘Shriek’ is the one to break the streak. LOL

How about you, dear reader, can you name a time you’ve broken your Dice Masters principles?

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