Special Guest Post – Ben Said Scott Manchester WKO Tournament Report

Hey folks – Chris here.

we’re once again blessed to have Ben Said Scott contributing his overview of last weekend’s WKO event in Manchester.

Ben went on to take the top spot – Congrats Ben. All the shinies LOL



The Team

This was the second WKO in two weeks, the second of three in successive weekends. As a result, I was a bit indecisive for this one. I don’t really like running the same team twice, but my disappointment in how my X-23 team ran the previous week made me really want to run it again. I play tested it a bit but still wasn’t doing what I wanted it to, so fell back on a team I knew was strong.

Blink Transmutation – Basic Action Card
Unstable Cannister – Basic Action Card

Cosmic Cube – Rare- Energy of the Beyonders
Jubilee – Uncommon – A Real Firecracker
Cold Gun – Rare – Frozen “Firearm”
Shriek – Common – Sonic Beam
Ricochet – Rare – Slinger
Angela – Super Rare – Hunter of Demons
Firestorm – Common – Host of the Matrix
Merlyn – Rare – League of Assassins

So I’m not really sure where I got this team idea from, other than it’s something that I had been carrying around with me for a while, and that lots of people have run similar things. The idea is to use Ricochet and Angela as a ramp/ churn mechanic. The team originally had Lantern Ring as the win condition, but I was finding that the Infiltrate damage, combined with Cosmic Cube was enough damage on its own. So the only real change I made before the tournament was swapping out Lantern Ring for the Firestorm. This was a very last minute change, and I thought that having another form of removal, with some decent stats would be nice, boy did this work in my favour.

Game 1

I was paired up against Mike, who was running a sidekick burn team, with the super rare Jubilee and Czar Colossus.

Mike Ryder’s Manchester WKO Team

In the next round Mike would win in about 5 minutes, so it was clear that his team was incredibly strong. But against me Mike just couldn’t get set up in time, and I was able to burn through his team pretty handily. It helped that I kept pinging off his sidekicks and mimics using the unstable canister global, which disrupted his ramp, but the real deciding factor was that Mike rolled really, really awfully.


Game 2

This time I was facing the peerless Chris. A man whose very aroma pervades this very blog. He was running a pretty nasty villains team. Villains are a thing yo.

My Manchester WKO Team

Nobby got a bit of damage in, and the rare Blob would have been an excellent counter to my team but I bribed Chris’ dice tower beforehand, and he couldn’t get anything but single shields on that die. (Editor note – the Crystal Twister is like me… looks pretty, but very ineffective ;P ) It was the same story with his Spot dice too. So Chris was struggling to really threaten my churn. However, in Cold Gun and the rare Bishop he was doing an effective job of slowing down my damage dealing. This was where Firestorm won his first MVP award of the day. Attacking with Firestorm, Angela and Ricochet I was able to KO Bishop before triggering Infiltrate. Again Chris’ bad rolling helped, and I eventually managed to burn through him.


Game 3

Dan is one of my closest friends, and was running a team I was pretty familiar with, as he had run it in two events the previous weekend, and done very well.

It was a combination of Mimic/ Prof X ramp, using the Collector to pick up cheap when fielded triggers, then using either Spiderman or Hulk, or both to swing through for the win. It’s a super difficult team, and that rare Collector is a pain. However once again this bolt team is just very fast. I was able to get both Ricochet and Angela in the field by turn three, using Dan’s Resurrection global in both games, then just piled on the Cosmic Cubes to win. In fact in the second game I was able to buy three Cosmic Cubes and put all three in my bag, because of Ricochet’s prep ability. Unfortunately for Dan his own ramp never got going, and so he never got to use Collector. The Mimic is just so vulnerable to Unstable Canister that I wonder if it can be really competitive in Modern.


Game 4

I was up against the only other unbeaten team in swiss. Phillip Ball was running a Two Face Double Deal team inspired by Matt Haley at the Southampton WKO. It’s a pretty nasty team relying on shutting your opponent down, then getting a couple of big hits in with Two Face.

The locking down was something that Phil in particular concentrated on, buying up four Cold Guns, a Shriek, Dwiz and an Oracle pretty fast. My dreams of Cosmic Cube and Infiltrate quickly died. However Phil had given me the Giganta global, so I waited until Phil Shrieked my Angela/ Ricochet and Shrieked his Oracle, so that my global usage could go unabated. I wasn’t too concerned with Shrieking his Shriek because I knew that I could win without the Infiltrate. Instead I went about buying Jubilee’s and Firestorms. These work great in tandem, as I can attack with Firestorm and kill something spinning Jubilee up and giving me some bigger stats to swing with.  They work particularly well when I have a Giganta global to spin them up to their top levels. The aggression went well in the first game, and I repeated the same trick in the second. In this game Phil Shrieked my Firestorm, and relied on Cold Gun to remove Angela. This stalled me out a lot longer, but I never felt threatened as Phil didn’t ever attack with his Two Face. So instead I just relied on Giganta global to spin my Jubilee’s up and then attack with her, as many as I could. It was a very slow burn, but it worked and I won the second game in the last turn of time.


Top 8

After swiss rounds we cut to top 8. Having looked around at all the players I knew that it was going to be difficult no matter who I played, as everyone there was at a really high level. In the end I got drawn against my second Chris of the day. This Chris was running a team very similar to what I had been running in the most recent Virtual Worlds tournament. Though this team was much more refined than mine. It relied on getting lots of sidekicks, Dum Dum Dugan, and then swinging through either using Madame Web or Spider-Man.

I think this was my favourite game of the day, because, even though we both had control elements in our teams neither of us brought them and instead just went at each other. Unfortunately for Chris my team was just kind of set –up to counter his. Again, Unstable Canister disrupted his Mimic ramp, and Blink Transmutation made his big swinging aggro character easier to deal with. In the first game I kept him at bay with Blink long enough for me to chip away at his life. The second game was tougher though, with him getting Dum Dum’s out fast and me missing my Angela roll. So I had to cheat, and I bought a Cold Gun, this was to save me a few turns later. Chris had three Dum Dum’s, two Guy Gardners and host of Sidekicks. I only had two masks and a Cold Gun that was not on it’s burst face. Had Chris rolled anything but Madame Web’s bottom level so the She could have survived a Cold Gun he would have had enough to win. Luckily for me level one came up, and Madame Web never appeared again.


Top 4

I was playing Matt Haley, and his Two Face Double Deal team. Matt made it very difficult for me, by buying up Bishop early. Luckily Firestorm was available for me to purchase again and my Blink Transmutation global protected me from his Two Face damage.

The second game was even more tough, with Matt getting both rare Bishop, Shriek, and super rare Ronin out, that meant that I needed Shriek, and Cold Gun, and Firestorm to even be able to do any Infiltrate damage. The game was a super big grind fest with both our teams cancelling each other out, and Matt’s sensible decision making (the man knows when to Cold Gun!) meant that we went into turns in a bit of a stalemate. In that instance it really just comes down to the fact that chip damage reduces life quicker than big swings do.



I was up against a player I had not met before. TJ had driven all the way from Scotland for a weekend of Wizkids fun, having played in the Clix tournament the day before. He was very complimentary of the community of Dice Masters players at FanBoy3 for the WKO. TJ is a really strong player and is currently very high in the UK lifetime Dice Masters rankings, despite not having attended a lot of national level events in order to rack up those multipliers.

TJ was running what I’m going to call non-bolt control (though we probably need a better name for it), using Ronin, Blob, Bishop and Madame Masque to shut down most of what my team could do. He would then use Casey Jones/ Danger Room to remove characters from the field at will, and be able to swing through for the win. In our game he got Scarlet Witch out so fast that I never went for Cube. He also managed to get Bishop out and make all my Infiltrate damage 0. However, as I was still able to use the Infiltrate effect to prep dice with my Ricochet and that ramp meant that I could buy several Firestorms. TJ also rolled Ronin on that pesky level one face several times. As a result, just as he had all day, my Firestorms were able just to keep swinging and really causing big damage. Eventually I got through and did just enough damage. Then with time already dwindling and the long drive North facing him TJ decided to not put me through a painstaking second game and conceded. Very nice of him, and very great for me. I’m sure had we played a second game TJ would have Blobbed my Firestorm’s as early as possible, and that would of made the game very difficult.


Hooray! I had won my first WKO of this year, and it was a highly competitive event. It was a long day, but a great event, and FanBoy3 is a phenomenal store.


Well done once again on the win Ben!

Chimera Games in Nottingham is next up, and as usual we’ll have all the details & reports for you next week, so be sure to come back for all your UK Dice Masters news & Info.

Don’t forget that the next episode of The Ministry of Dice Podcast lands Monday too!


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