Dice Masters New Release Information

It was a busy day for Dice Masters news and info yesterday.

First to come down the pipeline was the info about the next two upcoming releases, which can be found here (click the image):

There’s a lot going on there! Then – we got a sneak peek at two upcoming team packs that were published on the Wizkids solicitation page. These were “Kree Invasion” and “Justice Like Lightning”.


And finally – word has started to spread on social media that stores are being contacted and given the heads up that there WILL in fact be Winter WKOs for Dice Masters with further details pending.

Phew! It was hard to keep up! Quite the week, particularly as most of this news seemed to arrive on the same day. Here’s some thoughts on each one…

“Campaign Boxes” Announcement

There was a lot of ground covered in the Wizkids Update e-mail that went out, not all of it entirely clear. Here’s a quick summary in my own words:

  • The next batch of releases (Warhammer 40K and Avengers Infinity) will be sold as “non-blind” products, and will consist of a “Campaign Pack” (Looks to be along the lines of the TMNT Collector’s Box set up) and Team Packs (like previous Team Packs – the most recent of which was the ‘Maximum Carnage’ one);

The “Non-Blind” distribution is an interesting prospect that brings with it a number of perceived pros & cons. There is no indication, for example, as to what this may mean for the draft format in the future, and whether they will continue to produce Grav Feeds or Draft Packs to allow this format to continue. It is a favoured format in some Dice Master’s communities, and there is some nervousness that this may kill such a popular way of playing.

Some players with a “Collector’s Mindset” are also feeling like they might miss the “thrill of the chase” – they get some enjoyment from opening packs, trading, and working to complete gaps in their folders.

However; for others the potential cost saving is attractive. The ability to buy off the shelf and know precisely what you’re getting, and not “chase” that rare or super rare with a great game-text, is a winning proposition.

I’m easy – I’ll play either way.

W40 and AI

  • There is some sort of thing going on with the “Maximum Dice” stat on the cards (but I’ll be damned if I can discern from the update what that actually means LOL);

Hopefully it’s not just me (I get the sense from speculation on Social Media it’s not) but reading & re-reading the section with info on Max Die has made me no-clearer as to what this is getting at and what impact it’s going to have on my game-play experience.

I could speculate (Is this to do with errata-ing Max Die counts on existing cards? Is it indicating a design principle change that will affect the Max Die counts in the new releases? Who knows…) but you’ve got Facebook for that LOL

Bottom line – something’s gonna be happening around Max Die stats…

  • The US National Championships will be taking place at the Origins Games fair in June and will also have additional qualification events

From a UK Player’s perspective this is obviously not a headline item, but I am going to operate on the assumption that other world-wide National Championships will be slated for a similar date, so there could be that.

More speculation: Justin Ziran stated in a Facebook comment at the end of November that Wizkids were coming to the UK Games Expo and that “we got a rather large booth space for UKGE”. The UK Games Expo takes place over the first weekend of June – great timing to hold a UK, or even a European, Dice Masters championship. Fingers crossed.


Packaging Spoilers

This is just the right type of spoiler for me – enough to generate some buzz & excitement, but not so revealing that the joy of discovery is taken out of the release.

They may well dive into spoiling card text closer to the time, but for now it’s fun to play the guessing game of “what character could that die be?” and learn the background to some comic-book story-lines I’m less familiar with.

For what it’s worth – my guesses are…

Kree Invasion: Drax, Rocket Raccoon, Captain Marvel, Groot, Supreme Intelligence, Mantis & Thanos (Don’t know who the purple one on the third row is)

Justice Like Lightning…: Techno, Mach IV, Ant-Man, Meteorite, Hawk-Eye, Citizen V & Songbird (No clue on the Black/Red one)

Winter WKOs

This is a grapevine thing – but the word is that some stores Stateside have been getting a heads up that Winter WKOs ARE in fact coming for Dice Masters after news had dropped late last year that WKOs were going to be Heroclix only. We discussed it on one of our Ministry of Dice episodes, if you want to learn more about the context of that. (Found HERE)


This is tremendous news, and I hope it’s true and that it applies outside of the US too. I am also keen for more details on things like locations & prizing – so will be watching with baited breath.

So – there we go folks – a quick walk through all the news this week and a bit of commentary on my part. Be sure to tune into the Ministry of Dice podcast episode on 22nd Jan to hear more on our thoughts.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

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