Podcast Companion Post – Optical Power CV Ultra Storage Box

Hi folks,

In our latest Ministry of Dice podcast episode we reviewed the CV Ultra Dice Masters storage box from Optical Power Ltd, and promised a quick follow up with pics & links. So… here’s that post we promised LOL.

You can go listen to the podcast episode with the review here:


Here’s the link to the specific box we were discuss in the review:


…and here’s the gallery of pics I took. First – the family production line I mentioned on the podcast…

The red wine was an essential part of the process.

Next: letting the glue dry…

And here’s the finished product the next morning once it had dried…

Here’s a few pics from My podcast partner-in-crime Andy’s efforts too:

Andy (aka OCD Mindset) would be very keen for me to point out all his Dice are lined up on the same lvl 3 face!

As you can see – it’s a fine product indeed and, despite a few very minor niggles we express in the review, (mostly based around my practical incompetence) it gets the Ministry of Dice/BritRollerSix blog seal of approval.

Keep your eyes & ears open for more product reviews of this nature in the future. Be sure to let us know if there’s anything you’d like us to take a look at and provide our discerning opinion of in the future.

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