The Ministry of Dice & DZDungeon partner up on some Dice Masters bling…

Some exciting news from the blog/podcast this week – we’ve a new piece of Dice Masters accessorizing to share with you all. The Ministry of Dice, in partnership with DZDungeon Studio, would like to introduce a new way to transport your teams around…

How did this come about? Well… a little while ago I got a bit fed up of carting my teams around in old stationary tubs and boring looking deck boxes. Naturally, with my predilection for bling-ing up my game, I reached out to Darren (aka “3D Printer Guy”) the man behind DZDungeon Studios to see what could be done.

Darren has done a few bits & bobs of 3D printing for me before on a few little game ideas I’d had. For example; he did me a cracking tile board to play “Hey, That’s My Fish!” on that really helped the kids out. I had been really pleased with his friendly attitude and approach, so I asked if he could do me a dice carrier, and he dutifully obliged with a design he put together based only on some very vague pictures & doodles from me. (And a few oddly written, almost cryptic mails from me that often ended in “do you get what I mean?”)

Then, weeks later, I get a message from Darren – he had had some ideas to improve the dice carrier to hold the cards too, make it a bit more stylish, and make it more sturdy for transport, and would I help him out with testing it & giving feedback? Of course I would.

Weeks & weeks went by where we went through a process of testing prototypes – Darren would mock a version up, post it out to me, I’d run it through the mill and give him feedback. Eventually my feedback mails got so random I started making little videos on my phone with the prototype in hand in the hope that I was making some semblance of sense.

No random idea of mine was too much hassle for Darren though – he would tinker away and a few days later a new version would arrive in the post. It was a lot of fun.

What we finally arrived on is what you see in the picture at the top of the article. It has enough space to carry 12 sleeved cards and 20 dice. It’s currently available in Black, with two stylish insignia: a circle or a dice design. DZDungeon is doing the case for just £6 (plus postage), which is an absolute bargain to my mind. Darren ships to a number of locations worldwide too.

Be sure to listen to the next episode of The Ministry of Dice podcast where the case will feature in a short “Gearing Up” segment and I’ll be talking a bit more about the design and why I’m so pleased with the product Darren has put together, but in the meantime, if you’re interested in picking one up for yourself, head on over to the DZDungeon Studio Etsy store by clicking the image below.

I know you’ll be as pleased with it as we are at the Ministry of Dice.


  1. having seen the bespoke britrollersix version up close: these deck/team holders look really, really good. my one query: should there not be space for 14 sleeved cards? 8 for the team/2 for BACs/4 for BAC colour indicator cards. Then again, what kind of idiot sleeves the indicator cards….?? Make the circle on the front a rotating damage/life counter, held on by a small magnet, and that’s my ultimate pimped-up deck box! SOLD!

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  2. Love this! Much fancier and more compact than the one I designed. Definitely makes bringing your Teams out and about much easier.

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    1. It was fun to do, but the work was really Darren’s over at DZDungeon, I was just the testing Monkey LOL

      I’ve been using one back & forth to the FLGS for a while now and it’s been handy for sure. A dice bag of sidekicks and one of these and you’re away.


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