Spoiler Review – Kree Invasion Team Pack

So… it was pretty mental on the Spoilers last weekend, and as I mentioned in my Harley Quinn Team Pack Spoiler review, even though I was taking the pictures at the UK Games Expo it took me this long to actually sit down and read the cards.

I’ve had a mooch through them just now and here’s my initial look Top Picks from the ‘Kree Invasion’. You can find our original post with the full spoilers HERE. I’ve not put much thought into it – just my first instincts as to what I think may be the stand-outs.

Groot – Chlorokinesis

I could have picked one of two ‘Groot’ cards really, because the thing that’s caught my eye here is that Global.


I mean – I think this is the better one as far as game-text goes in general – reducing a little bit of combat damage from each attacker can make difference between life and death and is not insignificant, but that Global has got my mind considering some janky possibilities.

For example: I’m a big fan of using the Rare ‘The Collector’ to field something in a turn for cheap (usually a ‘Norman Osborn – Don’t Call me “Nobby!”‘ With the right purchase order I could buy a Villain die, field ‘Nobby’ with ‘The Collector’ for some damage, and then pay a Shield to move the just purchased Villain dice to my bag. Like I said – janky.

I’ll be putting some more thought into this one for sure.

Kree Captain – Lost Purpose

Yet another card that’s caught my eye because of the global.


It’s a pretty expensive global at two Fists, but with it providing a discount of three on your next purchase I can see it being well worth it – it basically has the potential to make the stretch to a big character a little bit more manageable.

And it’s not like the modern meta is short of two cost Fist characters to fill up on – swarmers like ‘Batiri Battle Stack’ and the upcoming ‘Kree Soldier’ in this Team Pack and the ‘Pox Walkers’ in Warhammer 40K spring to mind – so it’s possibly more do-able than it appears on the surface.

His Villain-centric stat bump is pretty nice too, with all the Villain Control dice that like to camp out in fields at the moment he has the potential to become real big, real fast and a pretty threatening dice to have around at just a three purchase cost.

Kree Soldier – Protecting the Seat of Hala

Speaking of swarming ‘Kree Soldiers’, lets have a closer look at this one.


I’ve been running an Infiltrate team on the odd occasion recently, and I can most definitely see me swapping out my 2 cost ‘The Spot’ Card for this little gem. (I may even find myself losing ‘Ricochet’ too if the Swarm proves effective).

Having a card on your team that meets several needs is always going to be eye-catching – and this guy has a lot going for him. In an Infiltrate team specifically he contributes to ramp, churn AND the win condition, as well as being cheap, providing another Affiliation for a possible ‘Team Up’ pivot, and the right energy to help buy another integral piece: Rare ‘Black Widow – Spider’s Bite’.

A lot to like indeed.

Thanos – Reality Gems

This is the first of two ‘Thanos’ cards to make my Top Picks shortlist, both for their own reasons.


A massive Overcrushing beast with a built in mechanic to make him cheaper? Errr… yes please.

It’s not ideal: the cost of the discount is well balanced by making you return the due to the card, but this very Team Pack hands us some cheap two cost Villains that could make good candidates for the sacrifice. It’s a trade off I’d certainly be willing to play around with for sure – even if it is just at the casual event level down my FLGS.

Thanos – Prove Love for Lady Death

Here’s the second ‘Thanos’ card to make my list. Have you ever seen a card so built for a Timmy?


It’s a stretch at an 8 cost, and will not likely be a competitive card realistically, but a massive Overcrusher that does DOUBLE Overcrush damage – that’s a head turner for sure.

I say it’s a stretch: the Modern meta is not short of combos and Globals that can definitely find ways to reach for these big guys. Like the previous ‘Thanos’ I definitely feel like this will be a card hitting the tables in a casual setting and I anticipate it’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun to play.


There we go folks – my first impression review of the spoiled cards. What are your thoughts on the top picks? Got any fun ideas ruminating you’d care to share? Let us know in the comments below…

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