The Ministry of Dice Episode 27 “Where’s that Ork Spoiler?”

The UK’s most prestigious Dice Masters content provider returns with yet another episode of The Ministry of Dice podcast to fill your ear-holes with a aural pleasure as good as Revolver, Dark Side of the Moon and the Christmas Queen’s Speech combined.

In this edition of the podcast: Chris & Andy share the latest news from the World of Dice Masters, discuss a different aspect of the Dice Masters experience with a segment on their favourite and most hated art-work on a Dice Masters card, and take a closer look at the Super Rare “Captain Britain Iron Man” card.

All this, and the usual dollops of innuendo, British wit, stupid comments and wildly inaccurate claims.

Hit play right now! Because you’re worth it…

Legal Bits n’ Bobs

United Kingdom: God Save the Queen by National Anthems is licensed under a Creative Commons License. It was sourced from a Soundcloud account entitled “National Anthems”. The name of the creator/creators has not been provided on that account. The license can be found here:

The Dice transition sound effect was sourced from The account it was downloaded from is “dermotte” and is shared under the following license:

Our tremendous ‘Rule Britannia’ intro is used with permission from Richard Campbell and is a short extract from his “England Rock Anthems” track. We think Richard’s work is exceptional. So visit Richard’s website here for more of his music:






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