STORE PROFILE: My trip to Taylored Games, Devon

I’m on holiday right now, and much to the #CompetitiveWife’s dismay one thing I like to do when we’re on holiday is track down local game stores and poke my head in. You just never know; they might just have some obscure Decipher Star Wars CCG sealed product or a sale on family board games. This time, though, was a particular treat, because this game store I had been following for a little while on Twitter and was home to a growing Dice Masters scene – Taylored Games in Kingsbridge, Devon. So… not just a “poke my head in” as usual, but a four hour Dice Masters session – the #CompetitiveWife was so pleased.

Taylored Games is nestled away in a lovely little Devonshire market down, a popular tourist location between Plymouth and Dartmouth, and I was most definitely struck by the picturesque location as I strolled from the car park to the shop. I’m more used to tracking down stores in the back streets of towns just off the beaten track. (Although, I will admit, in more recent years, as board gaming has become more mainstream I find I have to step over less drug addicts and prostitutes to find a gaming store nowadays)

As I stepped into the store I was warmly greeted by the owners Adam and Rachel, who were sat amongst 8 or 9 other Dice Masters players all mid-game. We talked for a little while about how things have been going for them (it’s just 6 months old right now) and the growing Dice Masters player base at the store. Things have been going well for the game at Taylored Games – like many players their play group was switched on by the IPs (Dungeons & Dragons is a particularly popular set), the low cost of entry and the tactical depth of the game.

I also met with local player Mark, who’s social media activity and regular correspondence with this blog site and podcast had made me aware of the the growing scene in South Hams. Mark’s a top notch dude – and I was given some red carpet celebrity treatment by Mark, giving my first ever autograph! Thanks Mark; this ego didn’t need boosting, but it was!

I hung around for a few hours and played some games with the regulars – teaching them in the ways of ‘Collector’/’Nobby’ (at their request – I feel the need to stress I wasn’t just beating up on the noobs LOL) and had a belting time hanging out, drinking tea, and playing Dice Masters. In their defence: for a group of new players they had already mastered some great combos and nuances of the game and while I played my strongest hand with my well practiced Nobby team it wasn’t an easy ride by any stretch of the imagination. They’d really got things figured out with the game.

In addition to Dice Masters there was a bit of Warhammer 40K and Magic: The Gathering going on. There was loads of great board games and tabletop supplies in stock with at least packed up shelved walls and a full counter of big box games, little box games, booster packs and models all at a good price. I picked up a few X-Men: First Class boosters – still chasing those rares I want in foil.

So, if your in the South Hams area and looking for a game then I would highly recommend you get over to Taylored Games – who get a big ‘Thank you’ and a thumbs up from the BritRollerSix blog. Cheers folks for the great company and fun games.

Here’s Taylored Game’s details for more info:




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