DC Justice Series Spoilers!!!

What’s this!?! Two posts in one day!?!

After getting some juicy spoiler-y tidbits for the upcoming Justice and X-Men Forever sets on our latest episode of the Ministry of Dice podcast (Check it out HERE) how could we possibly give you more?

By providing some further juicy spoilers, that’s how!

Our latest MoD’s ‘The Bar’ competitor; Wizkid’s own Jimmy Darwin O’Brien, was kind enough to slip us a few cheeky card images to go along with the card names and Globals he spoiled in the episode. Thanks Jimmy – you’re a legend.

So… without further ado… here they are:


The return of a fan favourite that first appeared in the ‘The Mighty Thor’ draft packs.

We’ve seen Basic Actions that are great ramp before, but ‘Investigation’ was popular because it brought the cost down to 3, making it a more manageable purchase to combo well with cards like the UC ‘Spot’ from the Guardians of the Galaxy set.

Looks like, whatever may happen in next rotation, Investigation is going to be around for awhile as a Basic Action ramp solution.


I am really into this guy. I can think of a few instances where an Attack & Defense bump would be super useful. Especially one that’s completely under my control (unlike globals on cards such as ‘Haymaker’ or ‘Raised Shields’).

In particular – I think he’d be a nice combo piece with an unblock-able like ‘Ant-Man – Petty Theft’ or an Ally who’s been ‘Insect Plague’ global’d.

And at a 2 cost it wouldn’t be hard to abuse the “for each Parasite character die that does not attack”. A 2 cost Bolt Villain too – so plenty of other great combos/synergies to slot him into a team for.

This might prove to be a super useful guy.


A blurry pic of this Doom Patrol favourite was revealed on photos of the Wizkid’s Fan Appreciation presentation at Gen Con earlier this year.

This ‘Elasti-Girl’ appears to be a decent weenie for early blocking power. She could, effectively, block one die and negate (or at least reduce) the damage from another, which can certainly have it’s place when you’re in a meta where you face early attacks of 5 or greater.

Could prove to be a nice handy card.


There’s a lot of love for Sidekick related strategies right now, and here comes another card that can play nice as ramp for Sidekick teams. It’s lovely and cheap and can slip nicely into a number of Sidekick archetypes that are floating around right now.

Be careful not to kill yourself with bag burn when paired up with Mimic/PXG ramp LOL 😂

—- —– —- —– —- —–

There you go then folks – some spoiler-tactic goodness for you all.

Any of these catch your eye? Got a combo idea? Let us know in the comments below…


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