CRGR Games Room Invitational Round 1 Matches “Special Features Commentary”

Regular listeners of the Ministry of Dice podcast will know that Andy & I have been participating in the CR Game Room Youtube Channel’s Online Invitational tournament.

Games have been taking place over Google Hangouts with participants from all over the world, invited to the event by the guys over at CRGR based on tournament performance in the last 12 months (Both for realsies and in Hangout events) and general online presence. (I am pretty certain my top spot win at the Gaming Vs Cancer MoDPDM earned me my invite – being the prestigious, high level competitive event that it is LOL)

Games are being captured and shared through various Dice Masters Youtube channels and we’d encourage you to dive into all the lovely game content on ‘CR Game Room‘, ‘DMArmada‘, ‘DM-North‘, and ‘Dice Masters with James & Zack‘ to see the raw footage of those games being played.

BUT – for a bit of added value – the MoD here at BritRollerSix towers have been re-visiting our own games and recorded some “Special Feature Commentaries”, so here, for your viewing pleasure, is our first round games with Laurier and Troy with us chatting over the top…

Watch this space for more video content from BritRollerSix/The Ministry of Dice coming down the pipeline.

What are your thoughts on our games? How do you like our teams? Any interesting comments on our plays? Let us know in the comments below…




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