CRGR Invitational Rounds 2 & 3 Matches

Hi folks,

If you’ve been out & about in the Online Dice Masters world then you are probably aware that the MoD here at BritRollerSix towers have been competing in the CR Game Room Invitational this last couple of weeks.

Games have been recorded and distributed by the YouTube DM crowd, including on our own channel. If you’re interested in our Round One matches then head on over to DM-North’s YouTube channel for the raw games, or you can find a version where Andy & I give a special features commentary over the top in this earlier blog post HERE.

We’ll be doing some more commentary tracks on our later rounds so watch this space for those, but in the meantime here is a collection of the raw games the MoD played (including a face off between us both!) in rounds 2 & 3.


Andy Vs James – Round 2 (Courtesy of “Dice Masters with James & Zack”) 

Chris Vs Dan – Round 2

Chris Vs Andy – Round 3

Come back soon for the Round 4 vids and the “Special Features” on the above content. Be sure to “Like” and “Subscribe” to our YouTube channel to be the first to see any future videos we put out – we have some pretty exciting plans lined up for the future!

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