The “Global Reverscalation” challenge

At the end of The Ministry of Dice’s 41st episode we had yet more fun reversing card titles we read out aloud. (Wanna listen? Check it out HERE)

I had a crack, but we thought it would be fun if you, our dear listeners, had a go too, so in the ‘after credits’ section we laid down some reversed card titles and challenged you to record them as heard.

Here are those clips, in three, convenient, bite-sized chunks…


So… here’s what we’re asking you to do – give them a listen then record each clip yourself replicating as closely as possible as you hear them and send your attempt in to us. We’ll then flip it back around and see how close you get (as well as my go at them) to the actual card title and subtitle. If you need to hear an example then give the episode a listen from 53:01. (Well… listen to all the episode, but that bit especially for the challenge examples)


You can send them back to us through Instant Messenger at our Facebook page here:

Keep a look out for episode 42 dropping on Monday 18th March where we’ll take a listen and see who comes out on top of the challenge for the ultimate bragging rights!

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