“One Big Weekend” – Guest Post – TJ Bozilla & the Settlers, Hamilton Tournament Report

Hey folks,

the BritRollerSix contribution to the “One Big Weekend” coverage starts with a guest post from the Figurehead of Scottish Dice Masters TJ Bozilla, providing a brief overview of their early, mid-week involvement with the World-wide roll-off. 



One Big (Mid) Weekend took place at Settlers in Hamilton, Scotland on Thursday 7th March 2019 and saw six players slug it out over three rounds of Golden Age with a few bans in place beyond the WizKids staple to try and vary the field.

And varied it was.

I decided to run a blend of the Mask Lantern Ring team, utilising Mimic & the new look PXG for ramp, with the two cost Grey Hunter with his beardy deadly touch coupled with Wasp’s fashionista force block global as removal, Ronin was there as reliable protection, Billy Club gave a second route to removal with a global to ensure masks were to hand each turn, finally Kate Bishop rounded off the team with some cheeky ping damage and a global to allow me to pull back Grey Hunter after his deadly touch. Basic actions were Create Food and Water for the bag reset global and Momentum for some prep area shenanigans once I was set up.


Match one was against John, who had a bolt team that would hit you with Firestorm when bolt characters were fielded, hit you with Firefly for the amount of bolt characters that were in the field and finish you off with an unblockable attuning Yuan-Ti.


He had Super Woman and Techno to fix energy for bolts and a good counter to the Mask Ring team in the form of Meteorite who stopped me swinging with more than two characters. Unfortunately for John, in game one he had not realised how deadly the Ring could be once out so went first for his Firestorm & Chwingas. I was able to get Mimic set up quickly followed by Ronin to negate his ping damage and before Meteorite left the bag the Ring was set up and couple of swings later game one was mine. Game two John went for Meteorite earlier so Grey Hunter was needed to get her out the way but even with just two characters swinging in the Ring was taking him down in life bit by bit so in the final five turns after time was called I could swing for game two.


Match two I faced Patrick, who had the ultimate counter to the Lantern Ring in the form of Wonder Woman who shut’s down when fielded and when attacks abilities and a Scarlett Witch that made rolling the Billy Club’s a tad difficult.

AvX Civil War

So it became a case of using force block globals to clear them out of the field on my turn with Grey Hunter only for them to roll back in turn after turn on Pat’s turn, however their fielding costs were slowing down Pat’s ability to get to Carnage as his win condition. Eventually Wonder Woman rolled on her energy side and I was able in a couple of turns to get him down for a single win.


For our final round of three I faced Yvan for the decider as we were both on two wins.


Yvans plan was to equip Ras Nsi for a +3A buff with a Flamin Sword for another +2A and then send him through a dimension door for a big hit or using a Venerable Dreadnaught to remove blockers. Before that he intended to soften me up with Firestorm pings and have the Punisher make me choose to loose life or KO characters I was reliant upon. To stop me targeting he had a Ring of Magnetism and the Lord of D which would put paid to my forms of removal. Lurking in the back was the Obelisk but I was glad it was the one that taxed fielding rather than the beefy damage when blocked version. Yvan got his firestorm out early and used my Prof X global against me to filed sideckicks and then the Billy club to turn them to masks to save for his old school PXG. Ronin was able to absorb some of this damage and bit by bit my pieces were assembled. I managed to pull off a turn with two copies of momentum where I prepped a number of dice with mimic, bought some characters prepped them too, rolled the lot with momentum, bought more prepped rolled with the other momentum to have eight masks in the field with several characters to round things off with a bang.

Rolling Thunder’s Arge had kindly donated a promo Dwarf Wizard and a SR Malekith for the prizes. So I selected the Dwarf and Yvan took the dark elf. Our store had got in some new OP for the first time in a while so I also earned a set of the Stark Industries cards. Dice bags and full art promos were handed out to the players for participation prizes to thank them for coming along and enabling us to roll dice competitively again.

If Wizkids reps chance upon this report the move away from draft packs and lack of regionals has hit our once thriving community hard. Even recent mis-steps like not supplying the UK scene with the Super Spies OP kit and delayed releases have not helped, especially in convincing our stores to support and stock the game to a level where there is product for new players to chance upon. So the work of our own Ministry of Dice, Rolling Thunder, Dice Masters North in organising community events and all the other community champions that keep the interest in the game alive beyond the kitchen table should be applauded and rewarded.


Thanks to TJ for giving us an insight into how his day went and the teams on the table.

Keep your eye out for the Manchester report coming in the next day or two.

If you’d like to know more about the “One Big Weekend” then head on over to this link at Rollin’ Thunder HERE. There’s also loads of other cool reports from all over the world to be found at the Dice Coalition (Which you can find HERE) and the Canadian events at DM-North HERE.

Be sure to come back for more UK event coverage. 🙂



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