Don’t Forget – the MoD Has Gone YouTube-y

Hello dear readers,

A quick note to catch you up on the Brit Roller Six/Ministry of Dice latest venture.

You may or may not be aware, but in recent months we’ve started to record video content for YouTube. That’s more MoD, more of the time.

We’ve been recording games and even streaming live occasionally, both casually and competitively (if you can call my recent “One Big Weekend Online” performance “competitive” LOL) so there’s examples of loads of different teams being played and different formats being experimented with.

There’s even the occasional “Special Features Commentary” where Andy & I re-watch a match and discuss the ins & outs of the game, and try to explain whatever mad shit might have been going through our heads at the time of the game.

Recently we’ve done a little series exclusively using the contents of the DC Justice Campaign Box and associated Team Packs to explore the new cards and have some fun with a “Good vs Evil” theme. Here are those particular vids to give you a taste of the type of content going out on the channel…

We’re eager to hear your thoughts and feedback on the channel. We’d love to know what type of content you enjoy and would like to see more of, or if there’s a suggestion for the channel of a type of vid you’d like to see then please do let us know.

You can visit the rest of the channel HERE . Be sure to “like” and “subscribe” and all that jazz because subscription numbers give our lives meaning & value. (Especially Andy – he’s not got a lot going on, that lad, so needs to know you like him to cheer him up ;P )

If you’re interested in hanging out when we stream live then keep an eye on our Facebook page on a Wednesday for notification of an upcoming stream or hit the bell icon thing-y to get notified.

Enjoy the vids!

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