UK Games Expo – Dice Masters Exclusive – 2 Cards from the Spider-Man Team Up Campaign Box

Hi Folks,

Chris here at the UK Games Expo and I have literally just stepped away from the Wizkids stand having been shown an exclusive first glimpse at some “Spider-Man Team Up” Campaign Box spoilers!

Giddy does not describe it. Thanks to Jimmy & Scott for arranging these for me and, once again, showing a little UK love and giving us a UK Games Expo exclusive.

There are a few caveats & addendums before I start you should be aware of.

These cards are in proto-type stage and so that means:

1. I cannot share the card images (as much as I begged them to let me LOL). I have to be explicitly clear: the pics in this post are just random ones I’ve pulled down off the internet to give the article some colour and are not indicative of the final artwork;

2. Any card text I share is subject to change so the following may prove inaccurate down the line, there may be alterations that happen yet. This was stressed to me greatly (in fact, I was told to be vague about the game-text, but I’m gonna be a little naughty and give a bit more detail, I am on the Discord naughty boy list after all);

3. There are just TWO cards I’ve got for you, don’t ask for more, I have given you everything I’ve got

Also, to be equally clear, it’s not April 1st and I swear this is a legitimate spoiler post, I am being 100% honest when I say that Wizkids have firmly embargo’d any image sharing. I know the lack of card pics may make some sceptical (The BR6/MoD troll reputation is well cultivated and earned, I get that) but they are honestly legit.


Onto the cards then.

The focus is very much on the new Recruit key word, and the two cards I’ve got are examples of that mechanic, For anyone who’s not been in the loop and seen the Recruit keyword on the updated Dice Masters Keywords page (Found HERE.) then it reads:

“Recruit: When a character die with the Recruit keyword damages an opponent with combat damage, you may move a die that matches what is listed in the ability from your Used Pile, Reserve Pool, or Prep Area into the Field Zone on its level 1 character face. For example, it could match a character’s name (exactly), affiliation, energy type, or Sidekick die type. A matching die in the Reserve Pool may be spun from an energy face to its level 1 character face. (MDM12)

So… without further ado, here’s the UK Games Expo BR6 exclusive cards…

Daredevil – Blind Lawyer of Hell’s Kitchen

This guy leapt out at me straight-away as he has three different affiliations. I’d have to check, but I think that’s a first for the Marvel sets. (I can only think of ‘Black Adam’ in the Mystics Team Pack as another tri-affiliation card) he has Spider-family, Defenders, and Marvel Knights.

the art-work is super-cool on this guy btw, I wish you could see it. #backdoorbrag

He’s a 3 cost Fist, with reasonable stats, who Recruits Sidekicks. So when this guy hits your opponent, he grabs a Sidekick.

This has got mad combo potential. Need to bank a Sidekick to use with your Energy Fixer next turn? Need a blocker in the field for your opponent’s turn? Want to line up a sacrificial lamb for a KO mechanic? ‘DareDevil could be your guy.

and three affiliations! This guy and ‘Black Adam’ can do some pretty significant work on a ‘Team Up’ list all on their lonesome, and that 3 Fist purchase cost is going to make him pretty easy to get bought and fielded to benefit from that affiliation spread.

One to look forward to for sure.

Cloak – Boston Native

Here we have a 4 cost Mask character, with the Spider-Family affiliation, with a low fielding costs and some pretty hefty defense stats. (These numbers are completely random, if you know what I mean; 014 016 136 and have no relevance whatsoever 😉)

This guy has the new Recruit key word and recruits his super-hero-ing partner ‘Dagger’.

The word is (and I honestly cannot say anymore than this) that this guy is “totally combo-liscious” (That’s the exact words Scott used – I’m quoting) and the ability to Recruit in a ‘Dagger’ is going to be pretty sweet. I’m working on Jimmy to be able to say more – so swing back by this post to see if an edit appears later in the day. (Or that might be the biggest tease yet, but I swear I’m not trolling)


There we go then folks – 2 sneaky peeks at a couple of new cards from the ‘Spider-Man Team Up’ Campaign Box. I hope you enjoyed this little spoiler-y joy from the UK Games Expo as much as I did.

What are your thoughts on the new Recruit keyword? Can you think of any cheeky ways to make good use of ‘Daredevil’s’ Sidekick recruiting text? Are you as curious to see what the ‘Dagger’ cards do now? Let me know in the comments below…


  1. Any word on a release date? Feels like the release dates for all DM stuff has been so wrong for so long, and no one wants to amend it.


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