Two Year Anniversary Fundraising Raffle – support the Ministry of Dice

Stu.ART Sketch Art Promos - MoD Fund Raiser

You all know that Andy & I love doing this site, right? We love it, love it, love it. We do it for one reason alone: we love this game & it’s community.


BUT… it can be a bit of a strain on our wallets – we’re just two working stiffs outside of our Nerd-Life that put most of our hard earned cash into our households & family life. (And the occasional bottle of Limoncello) Cost of groceries keep going up, but our pay checks don’t, y’know.

So… we need your help…

We just need a little bit to come in to keep things going & maybe help us improve what we do. Just a little something to make it sustainable and a contribution to help us with ambitious plans for content in the future. We want to be clear – SUPER CLEAR – this isn’t about making money out of you guys, its an ask for support solely to meet costs.

Every little helps. You wouldn’t believe how much half-decent audio editing apps/programs have cost, the price of the monthly hosting subscriptions n’that we’ve committed to, how much we’ve funded for MoDPDM prizing out of our own pockets, and the price vaguely use-able equipment has all come to. Even making sure we’ve got enough memory space on the Cloud service we use to work remotely together on content comes with a bill. There’s room to  improve too – the programs & equipment we use currently are mid-range – and we’re certain we could make our content even better with some tweaks to the software/hardware we use.


Coming up in July is our 2 year anniversary and with it a fresh batch of renewal bills. A wee helping hand would go a long way towards them and put us in a place to move further forward. It would at least mean I don’t have to hide the bank statements from the #CompetitiveWife in the next few months.

So if you can – give us a bit to pitch in – throw a little cash in the pot. We’ll be pleased just to get a small amount of help with the upcoming web-hosting subscription and SoundCloud  renewal. Buy a few less coffees this month and sling it our way instead – we’ll love you forever and it’ll help us keep filling your ear holes with our grade A, platinum brand of Dice Masters chat, keep writing articles, and producing video content on the YouTube channel.


Tell you what – we love a raffle at the MoD so let’s have a little fun and make it a fundraising raffle to sweeten the deal. We’ll put up some prizes and as the number of donations grow we’ll keep adding more to the prize pot.

How’s this tickle your fancy?

1 – 5 donations and one lucky winner will receive a Common Kate Bishop autographed by the MoD and a coveted Ministry of Dice Wooden Spoon.


6 – 15 donations and an additional lucky winner will receive a MoD Fan Pack

16 – 25 donations and we’ll add a second & third prize of one Super Spies promo set and a Stark Industries promo set for 2 other lucky winners


26 – 35 donations and we’ll add three more prizes of a Stu.ART exclusive sketch art cards for 3 more peeps

*No die with the Iron Fist & Strahd – sorry folks

AND if the donations total value come in over £150 (After Paypal take their fees) then one lucky winner will receive a genuine ‘Hulk – Green Goliath’ alt art promo out of my very own collection.


That’s 8 prestigious prizes going into the raffle, the least of which is a much sought after promo card.

Minimum donation of £2.50 (US$3.00/€2.80/CAN$4) required to receive your raffle entry, just so I can make sure I’ve got surplus funds to foot the postage bills. That’s “Minimum Donation” folks – remember you can always drop some more in to help out. In fact – please do ;P In fact – lets give you an extra raffle ticket for each £2.50 (or equivalent) you donate, so you could increase your chances to win or even pull down several prizes.

To enter – hit the “Make a Donation” button in the right-hand sidebar (or at the bottom of the homepage if you’re on a mobile device) the instructions in Paypal’s donation system.


It’s easy & super-quick to do. As each donation comes in I’ll allocate a ticket number and get a random number generator thing-y on the interwebs to do the random selection. We’ll announce the winners on our two year anniversary podcast episode on July 22nd.


You are here to keep us going because you enjoy our content and we thank you from the bottom of our heart for helping us with this passion project.

You’re the best! Keep rollin’ R Kid. Here’s to year 3!


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