The Ministry of Dice, In Collaboration with CRGR, Presents the True Mister Six Birthday event!

True Mister Six’s Birthday is coming up, but on the weekend of his Birthday the #CompetitiveWife and the Mini Sixes are heading away on a holiday without him!

It’s school holiday time y’see, but I don’t have enough annual leave allowance to go with them. Plus – they’re going camping and I ain’t a camping sorta guy.

I could get the lads together and head out for drinks at the local boozer. I could call up a buddy and head out to the cinema. I could get Stranger Things season 3 watched. But no, instead I’d rather play games with YOU.

So… here’s your invitation to the Online True Mister Six Birthday Bash event! In collaboration with the guys over at CR Gameroom we’ll be holding a one day, online event to celebrate my birthday and to keep me from being lonely.

Invite Final

Event Details

Theme & Team Rules

This event will be a Golden Single Affiliation themed event: each card in your core team must share the same affiliation symbol.

There’s more though folks, so pay careful attention, there are a few additional rules to the format…

1. Any Action cards you use MUST be thematically linked to the affiliation you use. Some examples of this might be ‘Mjolnir’ on an Avengers team or a ‘Watch Tower’ on a Justice League Team. The MoD’s decision will be final so check first if in doubt. Oh, and don’t be ‘that guy’ were we’ve got to go 10 rounds of nerd-y lawyering over some obscure comic book connection LOL 😂 obvious connections please;

2. The Villain Affiliation is to be split by Intellectual Property. This means that if you are playing Villains they must all DC, all Marvel, or all TMNT;

3. Your Basic Action Cards must be from the same IP;

4. Standard Wizkids bans in effect: SR Yuan-Ti, Half-Elf Bard – Masters Lords Alliance, R Cosmic Cube, Imprisoned, Sword of Revealing Light and Relentless are not permitted.

5. ‘Shriek – Sonic Beam’ is banned from Marvel Villains teams and ‘Imprisoned’ is banned full stop, because they’re the worst cards in the game and it’s my birthday.

(Use of the ‘Beholder’ is not banned but will be hugely frowned upon)

Wheaton’s Law will also be in effect. While we want it to be a competitive event, we also want it to be fun & encourage new or inexperienced players to come along, so would discourage teams that may prove to be too negative a play experience

Consumption of alcoholic beverages are MANDATORY, although we recommend use of Limoncello as only an after dinner liquor, one of those at most.

How to Enter

Team list submission & Sign up sheet can be found HERE.  Please complete the form to register by 12 noon CST  on the 16th August.

You will need to be a member of the Dice Masters Discord channel, this is where matches and player interaction will take place outside of the games. If you are not a Discord user then you can sign up at this link HERE.

TO inquiries should be made on the Discord channel where one of the fine folk at CR Gameroom will help you out. (Except Ryan, he’s smelly.)


As a special treat one lucky winner will receive a coveted Ministry of Dice Wooden Spoon and join the exclusive Wooden Spoon owners club.

This will be awarded to what I deem to be the most creative, least spammy team of the event, win or lose. Wombo combos, Lesser used affiliations, interesting Win Cons and non-meta builds are the sort of thing to get you considered for the Spoon.


Get those teams built, sign up and join me for some birthday party Dice Masters fun on Saturday 17th August.


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