Hot News From Worlds – First Spoiler Pics

Hey folks,

I’ve just been sent some pics of the display cabinet at Worlds by Ben Said Scott (thanks Ben). It contains the first cheeky spoilers from the Worlds event from the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons – Trouble in Waterdeep set.

Here are Ben’s piccies for y’all…

My eye has been immediately caught by the janky wombo-combo potential of that ‘Wild Magic‘ – I’m going to be re-visiting BACs with Burst text on them to see if there’s some crazy fun to be had. I’m also going to be rooting around in the Rules Forum to check whether Copying Action Dice is considered “Using” them to see whether they trigger the likes of ‘Attune’ and ‘Boom Boom’ – you could have three triggers for the cost of one card! I will check that out for sure…

The ‘Shield’ action also has a lot of potential – character protection, a possible dice prep, and a handy global. Could see some play.

I’m a bit discouraged to see another 2 cost Attune character though LOL

Keep your eye on the blog – the minute I get sent anything out of the event I’ll share it. 🙂

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